lunch with lee(OCD?)

Today’s Menu: You Know Me.

Do not try to label me. I’ve been called ‘quirky’, maybe even ‘eccentric’. On occasion, even ‘a character’. However, I refuse to believe there is anything significantly wrong with me.

I’m not like that character on that tv show. You know, that scientific genius that has to knock and call out that person’s name three times…every time. And I’m not like that little boy on the other channel that after he tells a secret or a lie, he downs his head and whispers the words again.

And, I’m certainly not as bad as my other half. I say ‘other’ and not ‘better’ because she is not better than me. She is, however, ‘other’, as in sometimes I think she’s from another world.

Let me tell you about some of her habits…

She sorts her bills by denominations, from highest to lowest. And, they all must be facing the same direction, with all the ‘heads’ up. Oh, and fives and larger bills go in the wallet, but ones have to be folded and go in the left front pocket.

Which brings us to keys. Car keys go in front right pocket, but house keys MUST go in front left pocket.

So? Everyone dresses a certain way, you say. Okay, I’ll give you that. Let’s see; what else? I know. Food eccentricities:

She eats with a salad fork. Everything. Won’t use a dinner fork…even at restaurants. Which brings us to the food itself. Has to eat it in a certain order. I know this. I’ve watched. Vegetable first. Then potato. Meat last. Can’t mix it, either. Must finish one item before moving on to the next. I asked her ‘why do the vegetables always have to be first?’

Her response: when she was a child, she was not allowed to leave the table until she ate all her veggies. So, she started eating them first to get the worst part over and done with.

Okay, I suppose there’s some logic in there. Somewhere.

No one…and I mean NO ONE …can explain the M&M’s away.

She takes them out of the bag and sorts them. By color. Then lines them up. And has to eat them in order from least to most.

Seriously. Think I’m kidding? I’m not. If she has 2 blue, 1 red, 5 yellow, 4 green and 11 brown…she has to eat them red, blue, green, yellow and brown. Throws her into a tailspin if I come along and eat one out of sequence.

Hmmmm…wonder what would happen if say two or three different colors had the same amount in the bag?

I’ll keep you posted.