lunch with lee(WEATHER ALERT)

Today’s menu: Storm Chasers

What do you think about storm chasers? You know, those people that instead of taking shelter, actually run out in bad weather in the hopes of collecting data and capturing category sixes on video. Do they go to school for this? Are they rogue meteorologists? I DON’T KNOW. Chasing storms for a living…as my granny would say, bless their little hearts, they don’t have the common sense God gave a bird.

Then again, neither does some family members…and they are not storm chasers, either. At least, not professional ones. If memory serves me…

Under a mandatory evacuation, a friend and her mom left their brick home in Navarre Beach, Florida. They travelled the coastal highway to seek the refuge at her brother’s home in a trailer park. She said they made good time. Seriously, I wonder why.

During the midst of a tornado, my nephew leaves his house(that has a basement) to drive (he had one of those little sports cars) to a relative’s house that didn’t have a basement. Always said that boy was special.

The earth was shaking. The ground was quaking. The pots and pans were rattling. My niece runs outside…looks up at the top of her house… ‘Well damn, I thought it was a giant raccoon on the roof.’


Let the madness continue…