How Dog Walking Gets You Clients

I could watch TV all day while lying on the couch and eating stuff. I’d eat healthy stuff, like fruit, and I’d watch some educational shows so it would be a productive day. I could do that for weeks.

Of course, that wouldn’t do much for me.

Sadly, making things happen involves getting up, showering, getting dressed, and getting out. There’s something magical that happens when you’re out in the world with other people. Apparently watching other people on TV doesn’t have the same impact.

One of our lawyers is a dog lover. She doesn’t love just any dog. She loves her dog. That’s why she takes her dog for walks.

She lives in a lawyer-dense neighborhood. Of course, that’s not an accident. She lives there because she’s a lawyer and she likes some of the same things as other lawyers. She’s surrounded by lawyers.

When she walks her dog, she bumps into other lawyers. Some of them are walking their dogs. They can talk about lawyer stuff while the dogs sniff one another. She sees other lawyers out washing their cars or mowing their lawns (or watching the car wash service or lawn mowing service do it for them). She waves and chats as she goes by with her dog.

While walking her dog the other day, she came across another dog. This dog was not on a leash. As you can imagine, a dog roaming freely in a lawyer neighborhood is unusual. Our lawyer grabbed the dog by the collar and examined the tag. The owner’s name and address were on the tag.

Our lawyer took the dog home. The dog had roamed several blocks away from home. The owner hadn’t realized that the dog had wandered off but was relieved that our lawyer took the time to return her dog. This was the first time these two dog owners had ever met.

As the two dog owners chatted about the formerly missing dog, it became apparent to them that they should get to know one another better. It turns out they’re both in a position to help the other. They arranged to have lunch. The relationship is moving right along now.

You’ve got to get up and get out. It works.

You can stay at home, watch TV, and eat fruit like me. Or you can take the dog for a walk. Your business, your choice.