A set of poems.

skies never rain to dissipate the dark cloud
lack of tears and bravado makes me proud
piercing past the gray through the soul orifice
resilient gray, like an african president in office
this vessel soon 'come a temple for maggots
rotten psyche burgundy won’t perform escots
before the birth of the AM constellation
i was a fiend for stars' peace consolation
now i spend time indulging in her splendour
a padawan basking in illuminous jedi candour
reenacting pearl harbour during impulsive times
never leaving the cockpit committing aerial crimes
this devil’s piss numbs it all every time we crash
the weight of existence ebbs off me giving a rush.

Random Notes

whenever distance gets in between it’s howling
sometimes its vice-versa, the sound is drowning
wherever distance is cleopatra stays the night
and my arms under shiny armour like a knight
dark melanin laden skin prickling like cacti
we disagree and share an asphyxiating neck-tie
sans the fights we always end on a good knot
we hang, resurrect and draft a ransom note
herculean conditions for the heart abduction
if not met its because we’re repulsed by attraction
we could easily have been opposites
or stoics with emotion in pyramids for reposits
or beautiful souls that are stuck in purgatory
or conscience in lieu of limbo lost in inventory.

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