The Caravan’s Journal: 11 lectures in Yangon

An overview of all lectures given by mentors, partners and experts during the Yangon training event by The Caravan’s Journal, in October 2015.

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1. Win Pe, Journalist and Artist

Lecture: Life of a storyteller under dictatorship
 U Win Pe is a arguably the most experienced storyteller of Myanmar. Throughout his 82-year-old life, he has been a cartoonist, screenwriter, film director, jade miner, radio journalist and painter. His smart political criticism got him deported and put on a black list, he wasn’t allowed to enter the country for 21 years. “I was dying to get back”, he told us. After founding Radio Free Asia, and working at BBC, Voice of America and others, he came back to Myanmar when the country opened up in recent years. Today he is continuing his work as a painter.

2. Andre Malerba, Photojournalist

Lecture: Life of a photojournalist: Ethics, passion and projects.
Andre Malerba is an American photojournalist living in Yangon, Myanmar. Since early 2013 he has worked to establish in-depth knowledge of social, political, economic and humanitarian topics. His focus is on long-term projects, underrepresented stories, and developing a relationship built on mutual respect with people included in his images.

Andre Malerba was on Magnum’s 30 under 30 photographers list in February 2015. His work has been published internationally in print and online at:, BBC, Al Jazeera America, Foreign Policy Magazine, The Washington Post, The Guardian, Global Post, Pro Photographer Magazine, among others. He has collaborated with various NGOs including Save The Children International, Natural Resource Governance Institute, Médecins Sans Frontières and WORTH, producing both still images and multimedia projects.

3. Aye Aye Win, Correspondent for AP

Lecture: Working as a female correspondent in military dictatorship in Myanmar

Aye Aye Win is the winner of the 2008 Courage in Journalism award. She worked as a correspondent for Associated Press in Myanmar for over two decades, taking of that role from her father. She repeatedly risked her life bringing independent news to the outside world. She was monitored by authorities night and day and describes this period as traumatising. She did not for a moment doubt about her role and is the best person to explain life for a journalist under military dictatorship.

4. Dr. Ashin Dhammapiya, Buddhist Teacher and Spiritual Leader

Lecture: Burma in Transition: A Buddhist Monk’s Role

Sayadaw Dr. Dhammapiya is an influential spiritual leader and Dean of International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University (ITBMU). He heads the Mettananda Sasana College in Yangon. Together with the college we organised a series of lectures for our participants and Buddhist monastic students.

5. Thiha Saw, Editorial Director of Myanmar Consolidated Media, a.o.

Lecture: Journalism in Myanmar, covering first free elections
 Veteran journalist U Thiha Saw, is a member of Myanmar’s Press Council (Interim) and is the editorial director of Myanmar Consolidated Media, publisher of the Myanmar Times. U Thiha Saw, Vice President of Myanmar Journalist Association, and a member of Press Council (Interim), is a prominent figure in Myanmar’s media environment today, having played an active role in the establishment of the country’s first Press Council (interim), as well as in the Myanmar Journalist Association and the first private Myanmar Journalism Institute. In his eyes, one of the most significant changes in the media environment in Myanmar over the last four years was the abolishment of censorship.

6. Lin Sun Oo, Co-Founder of Tagu Productions

Lecture: Starting and building a film production company in Myanmar

Lin Sun Oo is a co-founder, filmmaker and producer at the Tagu Productions company. Lin graduated from McDaniel College, Maryland, U.S.A in 2010. He has a B.A. in Environmental Policy and Philosophy. He also has a diploma in multimedia designs from the School of Audio Engineering (SAE), Yangon. In 2010, Lin Sun Oo worked as a research assistant at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC. His work has been presented at film festivals such as the Art of Freedom Film Festival, Wathann Film Fest, and the Human Rights and Human Dignity International Film Festival.

7. Matt Grace, Coordinator of Myanmar Deitta Gallery

Lecture: Do’s and Dont’s: working as a storyteller in Myanmar
 Matt first came to Asia in 2006 during which time he began working with the Burmese communities of northern Thailand. He eventually returned to London where he studied Photojournalism at the London College of Communication, and spent two years plying his trade as a press photographer before moving to Yangon at the beginning of 2010. Much of his work in Yangon has focused on advocacy media and training with the numerous NGOs propping up the country’s ailing public health system, whilst pursuing personal photographic projects looking at youth culture in the city. He has spent much of the last two years setting up Myanmar Deitta, an organisation which works to develop resources for documentary photographers and filmmakers in Myanmar.

8. Verena Hoelzl, German Freelance Journalist

Lecture: Working as a freelancer: How to sell stories from Myanmar

Verena is a German freelance journalist based in Yangon since February 2015. In this short period, she established relationships and worked regularly for big German media such as Der Spiegel as well as French media.

9. Dr. Daw Yujana, Buddhist Professor

Lecture: History: Introduction to Burmese Culture & Traditions
 Dr. Daw Yujana is a renowned thinker and female monk. She is a professor at the International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University (ITBMU) and expert on Buddhist culture and traditions.

10. Soe Tint Naing, Media Expert

Lecture: Escaping dictatorship: Media in Myanmar
 Soe Tint Naing works at MD Bright Lotus Co. He used to be a journalist for Japanese media and works as a translator for other international media today. He gave an overview of the media landscape, gave his perspective on upcoming elections and escaping dictatorship.

11. Yangon Film School

Lecture: Training programs in Myanmar & Film screening

Win Naing, Wai Mar Nyunt and Tin Win Naing from the Yangon Film School explained their work as artists and educators in transitional society. Gave their perspective on storytelling in a complex military controlled society and screened two of their films for our participants to analyse.

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