A Blank Canvas

How you grow

Last week I was asked my favorite color. It’s been a long time since I was asked that question. I used to have a favorite color in fact, I used to be a pre-defined taste in a lot of things. Then I was allowed to grow, or shall I say I allowed myself to grow.

My growth came from a lot of pain and then discovery. My growth had me face a lot of reality. My growth also has allowed me to soar higher then ever and has given me a new vision on things that in my life prior were closed doors.

There is no picture in this post, because I spent years being a replica. I had no wings and I never could soar. I was directed, pointed and planned. So this is my blank canvas and my reality is this.

I love multi colored carnations

My favorite things stand out and are unique. I won’t like what you like I promise

I love synchronized anything… anything.

I love to travel

I’m a people person and I believe everyone has a life story

I love creativity

I was called a hippie … that made me laugh (It’s bohemian actually)

I collect rocks because I believe they have a history and connect us to it

The ocean mesmerizes me

I am intriqued by storms

I don’t always believe in 2nd chances

But, I do believe in fairy tales and my heart dreams

I love to write and express myself, if you ever get a letter from me you will truly understand what I mean

I admire sparkly and shiny

I love to help people and see them soar

I used to dream of heaven and a wall of multi colored carnations (it was years ago) and a river that flowed white water and calm at the same time

I don’t dream and no not everyone does, sometimes our dreams are stolen

Oh and my favorite color is… any given color on any given day. I’m not set by a choice of just one. I’m able to have many and yes, I’m allowed to change my mind. There are no periods at the end of my sentences because that means there is an end, in me, there is no end and there is constant growth.

I spent the day I was asked what my favorite color was examining my favorite things. I’ve grown so much in the past few years. I’m a work in progress…

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