Things have been changing, let me tell you about it!

I love Ivanka Trump and her blog is a big inspiration to my life. A few weeks ago she put up an app that tells you how dirty you are!

So I took this app and put it to work. How dirty am I?

Let me tell you… DIRTY!

OK OK. Let me tell you about this app, it measures the nasty stuff in all your beauty supplies. Remember I’m an organic eater, I do work out and I try to take care of my body, why have I not taken care of what I put on my body?

I generally don’t buy my beauty products at any mass retail store. In fact when I measured my beauty products most fell into a 9/10 range which on a scale of 0 (awesome) — 10 (horrid) I felt betrayed by the companies I trusted. I’m not here to bash these companies but, if you want to know more contact me here: I’ll share the app and more of what I have found out.

My daughter and I cleaned out our vanities and removed the dirty stuff. I was left with very little so the search was on to find new healthy face and body products. I’ve been sampling products and doing research, speaking with owners and naturalist to find out what is out there.

What I learned was astonishing, and basically makes logical sense, why I never thought of it, well… I guess i just bought into the commerical jungle. Most of the products we use contain carcenigenics and most of those get filtered by our organs. Some harm our livers and or women our productive organs. Men, you are not left out here either the products you use harm your organs as well. It’s horrible that these companies do this and we aimlessly go on using them, blindly.

So here are the top organic companies I have found that I absolutely love!

La Mav — an Australian company and I am leaning towards their face and body line. I’ve sampled a few of their products and I am very happy with them especially the Sweet Orange Foamng Cleanser, Jojo Beads and Argan Oil Exfoliating Sctrub. *** Update: Recently I’ve been disappointed in LaMav and they may carry some products I am interested in they issue coupons with no stipulations on them, then when you try to use them they tell you that you have a minimum purchase. Plus their website is more like a social media salesmen trying to upsell you and they have constant contests that they get you to sign up for all their social media and that of their friends that I never hear anyone winning, so with all that I must say I am no longer impressed with LaMav.

W3LL — This company has a very fresh way to showcase their products and I sampled a few of their makeup products. They have a lot of choices and I love what I have tried so far but I’m still making up my mind.

Ava Anderson — Recently I came across this company through a Facebook page I belong to. I just ordered a few products and they are very healthy and the link I am sharing with you is that of the woman I purchase my products from as well.

Weleda — Incredible company for body care and they even have a salt toothpaste. It’s really a treat!

Waxelene — This is a must, an alternative to vaseline (petrolium jelly).

Vapour — Best for last. I am in love with this company. Their makeup is incredible, long lasting, fresh and it really smells good.

There are a ton of companies out there. I am not a fan of powder makeup so that knocked a few of them off my list. You are going to have to find out what works for you. But try.

When you do sample them, let me know what you think. You are going to need the Dirty App so you can scan your products to see how healthy they really are. Look for the “Think Dirty” app in ITunes and don’t forget to let me know what you think.

As always..

Live life


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