The 30 Year Itch.

Being as though I’ve just turned 30 not 4 months ago, I’ve have noticed a slight gnawing at my inner self. Sorta like when I turned 25 and went through what can only be described as the “quarter century crisis”, or me realizing that now was the time to start thinking about my future. Now that I am 30 years old, I’m thinking again about the next phase in my life and what that holds for me. I swear I’m going to go into this completely open-minded…. well maybe. I tend to over think these things and that’s never good. I will not allow myself to believe that because I am 30 that there is some mystical road that I should be walking down or some mandatory mile marker I need to reach annually. I hope to be successful and focused, I hope to not think so much and question myself all the time. I hope to keep growing as a person and achieve some clarity because really, that’s all you can really hope for :).