The Inner Struggle for Success

Today during the morning routine in my house that consist of my two teenage son’s running around like a marching band, I found myself thinking. I was positioned on the side of the bed staring dreamily out of my bedroom window into the morning sun. And at this moment I felt that I was tired of working for others and really really would enjoy being able to stroll into my own business that morning. Don’t get me wrong I do find my job interesting and all and I am appreciative, but there is no yellow brick road under my feet on the way there. Starting a business is a big decision by all means I’m aware. Even still I have to ask myself why can I not have this.

Visiting local small businesses in my neighborhood I’ve always found my self envious. Envious of their calm demeanor their happy disposition and positive focused drive. Even though the work is still work and at times hard I’m sure, this is their work, and they alone benefit from it (except for the customers and in some cases the community but that’s a given). I wouldn’t say that I am afraid of the commitment and leap of faith it would take. I just feel like I need to allow myself time to take it all in. Take in the possibility that I too one day could accomplish such a feat, that I too could stroll into something I own and grew with determination and love. And that I too may be able to one day inspire the next person to do the exact same thing.