Well, the title says it all

There’s been a small change of plan — which is hardly surprising based on the fact that this trip was partially about seeing how easy/difficult it would be to travel around Europe (as a Brit) post-Brexit, and the utter omnishambles around Brexit.

As I write this, it’s still not clear if it’s going to happen, and if it is, how or when. It seems most likely (at this point) that the Article50 deadline will be extended — but for how long is also uncertain. I would expect ~3 months if the plan is to fit in a 2nd referendum, which means my suggested May date just falls short of the timeframe I’d expect (and assuming the result is still Leave, which I very much doubt anyway).

In addition to this, I’ve monumentally failed to actually make any progress on preparing my car (yeah, I have it). I’ve purchased many bolt-ons and upgrades, and they’re all shiny and new and ready to fit… but fitted they are not.

So, because of the above, the plan changes. I’ll delay the European trip until next year — if UK does indeed end up leaving the EU, this should have happened by then.

Contrary to what some people seem to believe, Plan B is actually different to Plan A. I know — I’m a maverick.

In the meantime, this year’s trip will be a bit shorter, but equally exciting — and on UK roads. After seeing Richard Hammond’s Magnificent PENIS in the Grand Tour a few weeks ago, I’ve decided that I’ll instead drive the North Coast 500

The NC500 is essentially a loop around the very top of Scotland, starting in Inverness and er… ending in Inverness. You see, that’s what makes it a loop.

Image for post
Image for post
Northcoast 500 route

I’ll likely take 5 days to actually drive the NC500, but expect to spend a day or so to get to/from Inverness from my home. So, as before over a bank holiday weekend seems ideal — or at least planning for the end of it to coincide with a bank holiday so that I’ve still got time to unpack etc after I get home.

This trip will essentially act as a shakedown for the car in it’s current form (that is, after a service, and shiny bits bolted on).

This will also give me the opportunity to identify any niggles that I need to get fixed before I undertake a longer trip.

More about the car itself in the next part.

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