I created a database of Noble parts which can be found here at www.nobleparts.info

There is already a “wiki”, which is a Word document and is available for download from the Noble owners Facebook page. However, this isn’t structured in any way, and so is difficult to determine the compatibility of the parts mentioned with any particular model, supplier, or whether the part is OEM, equivalent, upgraded etc. There was opportunity to improve upon this and to provide a tool that’s much more useful — and crucially — more collaborative, so that breadth and depth of parts is massively increased

The parts database allows owners to find the parts they need to keep their cars on the road — parts are categorised by type (eg, engine, suspension) and can be filtered by model of car, so it’s easy to find the part you’re looking…

In the previous part of this story I’d whittled my choices down to 10 pretty awesome cars, and then developed a scoring criteria to apply to each of those that would produce a score out of 100% for each car. Very nerdy.

The “winner” was the Noble M12, scoring a massive 98/100.

I’m finally ready to reveal which car I actually bought…

Do you really expect that I’d have gone to the trouble of developing a scoring system, found a car that scored nearly perfectly, and then NOT chosen that car!?

Remember, I’m an engineer. …

Well, the title says it all

There’s been a small change of plan — which is hardly surprising based on the fact that this trip was partially about seeing how easy/difficult it would be to travel around Europe (as a Brit) post-Brexit, and the utter omnishambles around Brexit.

As I write this, it’s still not clear if it’s going to happen, and if it is, how or when. It seems most likely (at this point) that the Article50 deadline will be extended — but for how long is also uncertain. …

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In the 3rd part of my blog series, I’ll talk about which vehicles I considered, and the reasons behind why they made it onto the shortlist.

It turns out that selecting the “correct” or “ideal” vehicle is a LOT more difficult than selecting a completely inappropriate vehicle — as I mentioned in my first post, that’s something that I’m quite good at :)

Channelling my inner Dave Gorman, I came up with a few (pretty arbitrary) criteria for my vehicle selection, along with an arbitrary scoring system that would help me to choose the perfect vehicle with the help of (questionable) science! …

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I had planned for the next article in my road trip series to be about the different cars I had considered, how they compare to each other, and which car I eventually picked. That will still happen… just not yet.

However, this whole Brexit thing has gone into super-meltdown over the Xmas/New Year period as we’re still no closer to understanding under what conditions the UK will be leaving the EU (if at all — which gets my vote).

So, let’s have a long overdue Brexit rant instead :)

We’ve heard over the Xmas period that both UK and EU are ramping up their ‘No Deal’ contingency plans — in the UK this has so far involved hospitals purchasing masses of refrigeration equipment to enable them to stockpile medicines, the drafting of ~3500 army reserves to help cope with ‘civil unrest’ (how long before that becomes martial law?), and an ~£103M spent on opening up additional ferry routes to ease congestion at Dover/Calais (and the absolute cock-up surrounding spending some of that with a company that has no boats, and has never operated a ferry service… so about as much a ferry company as my own limited company is!). And for poor Chris Grayling, it just gets worse — because the contracts were awarded without a proper tender process, they’re anti-competitive — and now the owners of Eurotunnel want to receive THIER equal value contract. Fair play to them, but more wasted money by Chris Grayling. This man is so incompetent, he couldn’t organise a traffic jam on a motorway. …

It’s a simple plan…

Drive some of Europe’s best driving roads

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This whole thing started with a Tweet.

Actually, no… it started with the Brexit vote. The Tweet came afterwards.

Allow me to explain…

For the last 10 or 15 years, I’ve regularly gone on jaunts around the world in a variety of completely unsuitable vehicles. I’ve driven a TukTuk (technically an AutoRickshaw) across mountains in India (Chennai->Mumbai, even my old colleagues from Trivandrum couldn’t quite believe that), I’ve driven a postie bike through the outback in Australia (Brisbane->Cairns), an Enfield around the Himalayas, a £500 jeep I bought on ebay to Timbiktu (failed! …


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Half Technical Architect, Half adventurer, Half not good with fractions

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