tips for harnessing creative intelligence and collaboration

How overzealous (and erroneous) copyright enforcement tramples fair use and is a bad look for progressive politics

Let’s blame the practitioners, not the tools

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  • Design thinking is poorly defined as a methodology.
  • It’s a marketing ploy for expensive consultants.
  • It’s a…

“If you’re shepherding a crowd rather than just a bunch of people on your payroll, what’s different about that? And what’s different in the context of a world in which there is a very, very big hunger to participate?”

From a new book, to more podcast episodes and articles, this is a snapshot of what Foossa has been up to for the last few months.[UNIQID]

Whether it is a corporate design project, government policy, or awareness campaign, we’re relying on tools that were designed to move individual widgets.

Authentic civility is different from weaponized civility

If you don’t like the uncertainty of the exercise, you probably won’t like the uncertainty of running a venture

Photo collage of Foossa in action — the incident described in this post is not pictured here.


Cofounder @FoossaNYC: I work for and with communities to tell stories, design services, and build new forms of shared value.

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