The previous post introduced the Department for Customer-Driven Development (Sektionen Kunddriven verksamhetsutveckling) at the Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen), where one of the alumni of Design for Government, Netta Korhonen, works as a service designer. In this post, I discuss with Netta about the ins and outs of how her team works, and the broader context within which her team operates.

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Netta Korhonen ©Netta Korhonen

Seungho Park-Lee (SPL) I am so impressed by the work your team has been doing at the Swedish Public Employment Service. How has your experience been there so far?

Netta Korhonen (NK) It has been really positive. When I first landed here, I was very impressed by the Greenhouse method, and how well received it is within the whole agency. With roughly 14 thousand employees all over Sweden, it is a massive organisation that deals with the whole Swedish population. So the fact that the team managed to convince the organisation and its staff to embrace new ways of working is very impressive. The idea of the method is to have a good mix of people with different expertise, and not only that, involving those public servants who are the owners of the problems, who understands the bureaucracy, and who knows how to pull different strings, has been invaluable. …


Seungho Park-Lee

Assistant professor in design at UNIST, Korea. Formerly founder of Design for Government course at Aalto. More:

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