Feeling angry after finding I have always been wanted!!

I don’t know if I should feel angry

All these years I have been taken away from you

All these years I have been lied to

All I can feel is lightning striking into my beating heart.

It’s hard to keep my composure

I can’t keep calm like the feather flowing in the air

I have missed 24 years without all of you

My orphanage was only 10 minutes away from my family’s house

My mind is still in shock

However the exciting part of my life

My dream has finally come true

I have always dream to have a family

And now I have American and Russian family

Now I have to different lives in two different countries

Finally I do not need to experience the orphanage life style

I hated to be wakened up by screams in the mornings

When all this time I could of been wakened up with warmth

Instead of getting my hair cut bold

I could of had my long hair braided tenderly

Always being rushed to go to the class and missing breakfast

When I could of had delicious aroma around the house in the morning

It’s hard to grasp that we have found each other

Now I have calmed my soul and made it brighter

Now I can feel that I do belong to some one

I cant wait to be with you all

Being by your side and feel the bond!

That is all we need from each other

We can finally rest

And wait when we can reunite again!!