Found My Biological Family

Story of how I found my family

This summer we have an interesting story of searching for relatives of a girl who lives now in the USA. She was born in Almaty, Kazakhstan in 1991 and was left in the orphanage for 8 years. She wanted to find her parents.

Starting the search, we found out that her biological parents moved from Almaty, Kazakhstan in 1996, to Russia Kalingrad for permanent relocation. They changed their homes several times. So it was a difficult task to find their place of residence. Our partners in Russia and Kazakhstan helped us in the search. After some efforts we were able to learn and identify the address where the parents live in Russia Kolchugino. Our specialist visited their house and the parents were shocked by the news.

During confidential conversation the mother told her story of what happened when the girl was born in 1991. At that time the pregnant mother was observed by doctors and during her sixth month she was told that the baby had problems and that she should abort. The mother did not terminate the pregnancy and she had a very difficult delivery. When the baby was born, after a medical examination, doctors said that she would not survive. Nearly a month after the birth both the mother and baby were still in the hospital but they were in different hospitals. On one of the visits to the baby hospital, the doctors told the family that the baby was dead. They lied to the family that the baby was dead. We think they did experiments on her because she stayed in the hospital for five years. Other reason we think they lied to the parents because the hospitals would sell children to strange family. We do not know what they have gained by doing this. They only thing they accomplished was taking the family apart. After so many years, it is hardly possible to answer this question what exactly happen

After believing that her baby girl had died, the mother was in a deep depression for a long time, suffering through everything that has happened. She was advised by doctors not to have another child but she did get pregnant again. She delivered twin boys three years later. Now they have 4 adult children all living in Russia.

Our news for this family was good and sad at the same time. The mother was in disbelief when she learned that her child was alive and had spent 8 years in an orphanage before becoming adopted by an American family. The child lived only 10mins from the biological parents home. The mom was crying while looking at the photos of her daughter. Once the initial shock wore off, the entire family was very happy. They have all been in regular contact using Skype to talk to one another and the girl plans to visit her family in Russia very soon.

To be continued…