Two Guys, A Girl, and a Coffee Shop

Off of Jackson Avenue in Oxford, Mississippi sits a quaint but populated espresso cafe named Cups. On the morning I visited, three baristas were semi-regularly brewing everything from their signature drinks to simple iced coffees. I captured some of the moments that made my visit to Cups, and specifically my interactions with the baristas, so memorable.

Admiring the art wall and decorations of Cups while Brooklyn Mooney (middle) takes another customer’s order
Ryan Granger (left) accidentally rings up wrong order while Brooklyn pokes fun at him.
Ryan organizes coffee beans for both later use and to sell to customers at the counter while his favorite artist, Frank Ocean, plays in the background.
Waiting at the bar, Mack Hubbell (middle) takes an order while Ryan begins to make the drink.
Vanilla iced coffee moments before being downed by yours truly