01A_Week 01_Photo-Frame

John Hancock Building, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, Chicago, IL, 1970,Stoller, Ezra

Ezra Stoller, He was one of the modernest architectural photographers. He started taking photographs of buildings since he was studying Architecture in New York University.
He mostly took photos of renowned buildings; the photo above is ‘John Hancock Building (1970)’ in Chicago, which he showed the building in black and white colour by using One point perspective and placing building at the center of the photo while small buildings are on the left side so that we feel that the building is huge and tall. Furthermore, The lines on the front side help building looks taller dramatically.
The AMP building, circular quay, Sydney (Seungjin LEE,2017)
The photograph displayed above is called the ‘AMP building’ situated at Circular Quay in Sydney. When I took this photo, I tried to show the light from the background, and darkness around the external walls of the building which can be well illustrated by light and shadow. In addition to this, I darkened the four corners of my photograph to framing it so that I can the eyes can focus on the building at first sight. I attempted to reflect the techniques of Ezra stoller on my photo which include the continued lines of the external walls of the building and a significant one point perspective.


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