Prompt #5
Janice Pang

1.To create a playful visual layout that allows the audience to interact and navigate when ordering their desert ahead of time. Or… just gazing at the delicious food they have.

2. When I order food, especially if the food is really good, I would like to look at their website to see the variety of foods they have on their menu. Knowing that Vampire Penguin does not have a website, I think creating a menu with a playful visual layout will be an interesting experimentation for user experience to look at the variety of food that Vampire Penguin has to offer.

3. Anyone who likes eating deserts!

4. What is Vampire Penguin known for? What is their mission statement or goals to the audience? What kinds of deserts do they offer? Do they have a review form or contact information that helps improve their restaurant business?

5. Respecting the client and understanding their thoughts as well as our thoughts. We would like to have potential options by providing more information about their restaurant that can be improved and increase business while maintaining happiness for audience.

6. I’m uncertain of what may stop me from completing this project. Perhaps with a limited amount of time to complete this will be one of my fears if it does not turn out well; however I am more towards being optimistic and to push forward the idea and complete as much as possible with our best efforts.

7. To test this design I think the best way to do so is experimenting with the trail and errors. Asking for other peoples opinion of the layout and see what we can refine and fix.

8. Yes, there is never a perfect visual layout on the first try. There will always be trial and errors and to able to re-test the layout we will always find ways to improve and learn from our mistakes.

How would you actually go about doing your project?
List Steps 1, 2, 3, etc

  1. Greet clients and ask their needs and information.
  2. Do a survey on people who have eaten in the restaurant.
  3. Brainstorming ideas to creating the layout.
  4. Designing the beginning, middle, end.
  5. Experiment layout
  6. Ask other people to experiment
  7. Pros/Cons on website layout
  8. Refine the layout
  9. Final results
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