Prompt #1
Janice Pang

Cup Coaster

Method | This Cup Coaster is a very simple design which the shape is circular and serves a place to hold almost any cup size. There are two sides to this Cup Coaster, one side that consist of little tiny circular bumps in a consistent uniform pattern and the other side which is flat. The material is rubber, color is slick black, and it is also very light to pick up in the human’s hand.

Use | The simple, yet versatile design of the Cup Coaster is perfect for any living space which its’ function can hold either hot/cold beverages and allows the function to protect the surface of a table. The Coaster is very stable for holding drinks and can also allow users to relocate easily by simply picking up the Coaster with their drinks.

Need | This Cup Coaster is one that has essential needs for users who want to protect their counter-top in a living household and perhaps in an environment outside where certain locations distribute drinks.

Telesis | The process of nature and society to obtain particular goals of this Cup Coaster does serve its’ purpose as a function to hold only one beverage and protect surfaces that can not withstand the beverages heat/moist. However, certain sizes of cups may not fit this Coaster. Although the design of this Coaster allows to fit almost any cup size whether that may be big or small, the diameter size of the Cup Coaster limits to holding a cup no more than 4 inches.

Association | The Cup Coaster serves it function in an environment for users who drink on a daily bases. Every user maybe different depending on how they apply to this will determine how they use the Cup Coaster in their particular setting.

Aesthetic | The design of the Cup Coaster is simple and more modern in terms of the quality of the material being more durable and long-lasting. The little tiny bumps on the top of the Cup Coaster can hold circular cups no more than 4 inches and is designed to stabilize the cup from moving around.

Bonus | My partner described a perfect backpack in his perspective being durable and light-weighted. The pockets should be limited and designed so that it is also easy to access when needed. However, there are certain limits to having a perfect backpack whether that maybe a brand they support or being the cost to take into consideration. Perhaps, having ethically questions where that perfect backpack is being made as well plays a role into discussion.

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