101 Personal Growth Opportunities

Using Beeminder to overcome Akrasia


The convex optical illusion effect caused by this picture hurts my brains. 🧠

Author’s Pointless Blathering:

I found the holy grail of digital distraction prevention.

Author’s Long-Winded Pontification:

When, when not to, and how to use it.

Why Use Redux?

Ask your designer if Tachyons is right for you!

If any of you actually care.

Why I’m going to migrate.

Finally, all the info in one place.

Author’s pointless babbling:

My opinionated technique.


  • Make sure you can deploy to your device.
  • Plug in your device.
  • run:
ionic cordova run <ios or android> --device -l --debug
  • For Android open Chrome and go to Web Inspector.
    Open ~ ⠇> More tools > Remote devices
    Select your device and click Inspect.
  • For iOS open Safari and enable Develop Menu.
    Open ~ Develop > my device > my ip address.

Author’s Pointless Ramblings

Lee Nathan

Freelance Writer for Hire and Personal Development Advocate

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