Just found (from a huge pile of my forgotten files) this 2-year-old presentation I made about how the age of PC was going to end. It’s exactly what has happened in the last two years.

If you haven’t already read it, you probably want to spend some time to read Mat Homan’s thoughtful (and long) piece on what is happening with the new Google. (just click the title link above)

But while Google was busy holding up the sky, the ground beneath its feet shifted…

Several days ago, I listened to a Hypercritical episode in which John Siracusa mentioned about Cow Clicker, a game designed to be a satire of social network games by GaTech professor Ian Bogost.

Cow Clicker logo
Cow Clicker

The story of Cow Clicker on WIRED is a funny and thought-provoking one. In fact, the very…

Google revamped Google Reader, together with many other web apps. Its new interface soon become a controversial topic.

Google Reader is an essential app for people who subscribed to a great deal of news feed. But it’s much more than that. I followed many friends and colleagues. I read their…

Windows 8 Start screen

When Windows 8 was demoed in detail on BUILD conference, it soon became the topic of the day. All of a sudden, people start talking about how cool the “Metro style” UI is and how it could become a game changer for tablet market.

I spent a few hours watching…

Continued from On the dark side of the Internet: Part I:

Copyright and culture

Keeping emphasizing about “200 years of intellectual property law” (p.145) is a joke. It’s like talking about hundreds years of monarchy to justify the king against the republicans. …

The Cult of the Amateur
The Cult of the Amateur

We live in a world of ongoing digital/information revolution and we can truly feel its impact on our everyday life. But are we changing in a good way or a bad way?

While there’re thousands of anthems for the Internet, much fewer books are arguing that the Internet (and Web…

HP is recently going to launch a small cute phone, Veer “4G”. While it’s unfortunate for me being outside the U.S., I’ve come across Joshua Topolsky’s review of this smartphone. …

Google Picasa logo

I don’t think I’m a photography enthusiast. I don’t take photos too often. But still I have thousands of photos in my hard drives. I believe organizing photos is a headache for many of us, esp. people who always take their cameras with them.

I’m using Picasa to organize and…

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