Just found (from a huge pile of my forgotten files) this 2-year-old presentation I made about how the age of PC was going to end. It’s exactly what has happened in the last two years.

But while Google was busy holding up the sky, the ground beneath its feet shifted in ways it didn’t anticipate. …

Several days ago, I listened to a Hypercritical episode in which John Siracusa mentioned about Cow Clicker, a game designed to be a satire of social network games by GaTech professor Ian Bogost.

Cow Clicker logo
Cow Clicker logo
Cow Clicker

The story of Cow Clicker on WIRED is a funny and thought-provoking one. In fact, the very first post on this blog is exactly about “gamification”, though I did not know about the word at that time.

While “social gaming” brings some game mechanisms to our social relationships, it is not necessarily a game. Games are more about entertainment and having fun than experience points, scorecards and achievements. …


Sirui Li


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