Program the ESP01 ESP8266

There are a lot of example programming the ESP01. But none satisfied me in the hardware used. So i decided to wanted to share my setup.

Months ago I bought some ESP01’s to test and a cheap programmer (not reading the description as good as I should). The hardware finally got delivered and tried to program them… just plug the ESP on the USB programmer board but no luck. After some investigation I read the ESP had to be brought into flash mode by connection GPIO0 to GND and then power it up. Not easy to do with the cheap hardware I bought, no switches or jumpers.

ESP01 board
The cheap programmer from ebay.

On an evening I made a simple PCB on a development board with to switches te easy enable the flashmode without a lot of wiring or plugin or out… On button between GPIO0 and GND and a button between RST and GND. This way the module can stay plugged in, being programmed and tested.

A prototype of the programmer interface / adapter

So now it’s easy to program the ESP with the Arduino software. Just stack the 3 modules, push the flash button (closest to the ESP) and with the same finger push-and-release the reset. Then release the flash button. Now it should be in flash mode.

The circuit…

Below a picture of the full setup. In this picture I enabled the deepsleep mode. The black wire, please forget this one…

The stack

Maybe sometime I will create a nice PCB for it…