Visualize your Home Assistant data with Grafana via the InfluxDB component

Benny de Leeuw
Aug 2, 2017 · 2 min read

My Home Assistant on my PI does collect a lot of data, not only the status of switches, lights and other sensors, but also data from my (dutch) energy meter via the DSMR/Slimme meter component. Until now I didn’t really do something with the data.

I won’t explain how to set up all that stuff in this post, only how to setup InfluxDB and Grafana on your Raspberry Pi 3.

I knew about the capabilities of Grafana and how it could visualize your data. Grafana can connect to several data sources. One of them is InfluxDB. Luckily Home Assistant has a component which can push the values to InfluxDB.

First thing to do is install InfluxDB. I chose to install it on the same PI as my Home Assistant;

Now, configure Grafana via http://ip-address:3000

I’m not a Grafana expert so I can’t help you with setting up the graphs but with a little googling you’ll be able to get something like this;

Some information I got from

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