This post is by Lilly Irani, Associate Professor of Communication & Science Studies at University of California, San Diego.


Amazon Mechanical Turk is but one platform in an ecology of automation and artificial intelligence. After more than a decade of operation, it offers crucial lessons in what is at…

This post is by Lee Vinsel, an assistant professor of Science, Technology, and Society at Virginia Tech.

Here’s what some people are arguing today: we are facing a massive period of technological change, which we might call a Fourth Industrial Revolution. In this view, the previous industrial revolutions — numbers…

This post is by Tolu Odumosu, Assistant Professor of Science, Technology, and Society and Electrical Engineering at the University of Virginia.

The 4th Industrial Revolution (4th IR) is a widespread multifarious thing that deserves critique, analysis, and in-depth evaluation. If this process affords a moment of collective and reflexive self-awareness…

This post is by Joel Mokyr, the Robert H. Strotz Professor of Economics at Northwestern University

Knowledge and Progress

“Useful Knowledge,” as the concept was defined in the Age of Enlightenment, consists of two largely separable sets of knowledge: propositional knowledge (“knowledge of ‘what’”) and prescriptive knowledge (“knowledge of ‘how’”).¹…

This post is by Margaret B. W. Graham, professor (retired), Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University

A much under-represented topic in the conversation about the emerging 4th Industrial Revolution is the consequences of the financialization of innovation. (See Mike Collins, “Wall Street and the Financialization of the Economy,” Forbes, Feb…

What’s at Stake in a 4th Industrial Revolution?

A workshop exploring and critically examining the idea of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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