5 easy (and free) ways to save money on your Health Insurance

Health Insurance an insurance coverage which pays you or members of your family for unforeseen medical expenses incurred from illness or injury. You would normally expect different levels of cover available, including multiple plans for local cover and other plans which would cover you internationally.

There are a number of options which can help reduce the cost of your health insurance.

Opt for in-patient and daycare treatment and exclude out-patient benefits.


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Most Insurance Companies give you the option of having different levels of excess — this will allow various discounts on your annual premium. Some Insurers also allow discounts on premiums for customers who choose specific methods of payment such as Direct Debit.

Group up!

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Most Insurance Companies offer tailor-made health insurance plans for groups, which would normally include different benefits,
subject to the client’s specific requirements. Groups would also benefit from substantial discounts on the total premium payable.

Consider raising Health Excess

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What is Health Insurance Excess? An excess is a common option to consider when looking into private health insurance. To save money on your Private Health Insurance policy, you can volunteer to pay a certain amount towards your medical bills — this amount is called the ‘excess’. Some insurers require the excess to be paid per claim while others simply require the excess to be paid on the first claim in any policy year, regardless of the number of claims made. To find out which is required of you when you purchase your policy, it is important that you are able to understand the terms and conditions carefully. Navigating legal jargon not your thing? We volunteer.

Example: If you have a health excess of € 120, the total value of your eligible claims must reach € 120 before we will pay any benefit.

Get an Insurance Broker to help you

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Having someone help with the legwork who understands what you need can make a major difference. This may be the easiest way to work within a budget without having to shop and do all the work by yourself.

  • What subsidies or tax credits you can get
  • How much you can afford to pay out of pocket
  • What the actual needs of your family are

“Families with small children, young couples starting out, or seniors will all have different medical concerns. Adapt your choices to what you need and reevaluate over time.”

Insurance Companies Can Only Help You With Their Products, Brokers Can Help You Across Many Insurers and Discuss Options With You

Brokers do not work for insurance companies, health insurance brokers are mandated to work for you. They are on your side.

Shop around and understand what you need to compare

Compare the copay, coinsurance, deductibles and other factors like lifetime maximums.

Understanding what various health insurance terms mean and how they affect you will help you make stronger decisions and save money on your health insurance costs. Want to get a weekly those of quick and nifty explanations? Follow us on Facebook.

Contact Ving’s Brokers by calling us on 2016 1622 or through our facebook page, Ving Insurance Brokers Ltd.

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