I was very, very lucky to grow up with a feminist and smart mother who was an avid reader to her children. Many of the children’s books in my Brooklyn bookcase now are the exact copies of books my mother saved for me from when I was as a kid. There is nothing I love more than reading to my kids (Lilian, 9 & Avery, 3) but sometimes feel challenged finding something that we both like. Thomas The Tank Goes Fishin’ — not happening. Rainbow Magic Fairies For Girls? Can’t.

Recently, I came across the most amazing, smart, beautiful, inspiring book yet to read with my oldest kid. And I can’t wait to gift it for other friends with strong, smart girls.

The book is:

Women In Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed The World

Pages and pages of inspiring, easy to digest information, facts and quotes to inspire readers both young and old.

Last night my daughter and I could barely put it down despite it being way past her bedtime. We each took turns picking a women we wanted to read about and were giddy with excitement absorbing all this info.

And let’s face it. How awesome is it to put your young daughter to bed reading about a female scientist facing tremendous life obstacles and overcoming them with a quote saying, “Try and stop me…”

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