Jenny DeShields

I enjoyed my time on OKStupid. I mercilessly mocked some of the horrid opening one-liners. Cougar hunters got special treatment with accompanying photos of animals face-palming. I’m happy to report, I just moved in with a man I met there. It’s been 1 1/2 years. Part of our success is because we didn’t engage much on that platform. He was brief, and then went silent, and then popped up to say he’d be in my town and should we meet. So it felt more like a “normal” first date, set up by friends perhaps.

I think what made my OKCupid time an overall positive experience is that I didn’t spend much time using the messages or chat. I went straight to a morning coffee. I wouldn’t be opposed to bumping into “Mr. Right” at the cafe counter, so why would I mind meeting this perfect stranger who has some shallow appeal to me. I’d rather find out at the front end if they smell funny, or jitter too much, or can’t look me in the eye, or are a phone addict. The quick date kept it more real.

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