What makes a good first sentence?
Shannon Yarbrough

I love first sentences! Most of my unwritten work is comprised of amazing first sentences. I thought you might enjoy the story of my first sentence in my juvenile fiction novel, Gaia Girls Way of Water.

My eight-year old nephew was riding in the back seat, and he was asking me questions about my first book, Gaia Girls Enter the Earth. He then pipes up, “What is the first sentence of your water book?”

I blurted out, “She sat on the plane and thought of the shark.” I gave no thought to it; it just popped out. My main character didn’t even have a name at that point. When I sat down to write, I decided to trust that sentence and typed it out…but, with character’s name, “Miho, In my mind’s eye blossomed a great opening scene. Good times.

I loved this, and hope you do a follow up on my other favorite fun thing about writing…the last sentence of a chapter!

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