Graphic design meets photography
Eman Alshawaf

For my project, I decided to create a metaphor story base on a real life story of a friend that I know. In the 8 main series of the photographs displays of a truck who was abandon by it’s owner and so it started off as desaturated while the back ground stayed saturated. As the series goes on one to the next, the truck becme more saturated until the very end when the whole background is now saturated. What I did to make this story more stronger is incorporating texts from a poem that I had created. The text are layed out where the reader/viewer can add in their own words to fill in the blank of the story. The metaphor is of a Man and his girlfirend had a break up and so he was left to re-realize himself and bring him back up to reality. The last shot may seem a bit confuising to the viewers, but that was intentional. I wanted to have the viewer think of what it meant towards the end. In my opinion, I believe it meant that the truck has now come back to it’s senses, but the whole world is still a place for it to start again and realizing. Just like saying, starting off back with square one. Another thing is that the tall flowers are actually metaphor for women. That said, it is about the guy (truck) having to get to know a girl again in this wide variety, but since he is clueless of how they can be, they stand out as black and white with standards he can not comprehend until he tries. The photos are layed out on a foam board for display presentation. The black foam gives the perceptual tone and feel of the series.

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