My Digital Story.

Growing up in St.Paul, Minnesota, where the Hmong population is pretty high I was use to being around people like myself. I went the I went through seven schools through out my grade school life and everywhere I go there always seem to be a good number of Hmong people there so I was always hanging with them. So when I first enter the University of Minnesota I was in for a culture shocked. I there wasn’t many Hmong people around. I wasn’t used to this feeling of being so lost and not having anyone to talked to because of fear that, since they’re not like me they won’t want to talk with me. I’ve never felt so out of place before. I now understand what it feels like to be a minority. Through out my life I’ve always been around Hmong people so I’ve never really felt like I was a minority. So for my digital story I am choosing to base it on being a student of color at the University of Minnesota. I’m choosing to do so because I feel that as a student of color who feels so out of place here, I can shad some light on what it’s like going through college as a minority. I do honestly believe that college is what me make it out to be.

I will gather data by journaling down experiences that I’ve had and things that i am participating in. My first couple times being at the University of Minnesota was actually being around a very diverse group of people. First with my PES summer seminar, where I grew to feel a little more comfortable that there are other people like me who feels out of place and together we can share our experiences. The second time is with MCAE kickoff, I have to say this is the most diverse group in campus as it is name implied. I loved MCAE because it really shed a light on me on being a student of color and how it can be a very good thing.

On the outside the University of Minnesota doesn’t look ever diverse, but if one really get to know the inside of the University of Minnesota if one really explore they would see that there are a lot of many diverse groups that are very welcoming. During my MCAE kickoff I was introduce into the a lot groups that were from all different background and there was a lot of groups not including any white groups. I was really surprise that there were so many diverse groups.

There is always a option of creating your own groups. I have already created a cooking groups with some of my friends and even though we aren’t very diverse we are open to anyone joining. If you can’t find something to be a part of because you feel like it’s not part of your identity or feel like you belong, you can always start your own group.

I will be interviewing a lot of different student from a wide variety of back ground. I will be also be trying to post about my experience on what’s going on in my freshman year. To show that diversity and being a minority at the University of Minnesota should not hold one back but to empower them to move forward.

Questions that could be asked for my digital video.

As a minority, what is your experience like here at the University of Minnesota?

How do you get out of your bubble and explore other options available?

Would you consider the University of Minnesota as diverse when about 70 percent of the people are what?

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