Week 4 of observation

Not much but i noticed something. After attending the PES conference the campus was very quiet. way quiet than weekdays after 4. You can see very few people. Originally i attended to go home after the conference but i went searching for my sister who is a student of the U. I walked in a building that i haven’t been to. As i pass by some rooms i saw around 5 students or fewer in a working room. As i met up with my sister i saw that she was working on coloring her clay materials mostly cups and i saw another student working on hers too. To think that some people would want to go back to class. i ask why she is working. she told me to practice and get her assignments done. Some time ago i saw individuals working alone at odd times. So i concluded that students not only work on their classes on weekdays but also weekends. not only that but they work at odd times like early in the day or late.

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