Post #1

The option I’m choosing for my Digital Story is option one. I’ll be making a auto-ethnographic digital story. I wanted to do this option because I feel that it resents what exactly someone who is entering college might want to know and because it’s something that I would like to go back on and remember.

To obtain the necessary information needed, it’d be important for me to keep a daily log or journal of things that pertain to me. That way I’ll be able to get the most out of my first year in college.

Some initial research questions:

  • Welcome week thoughts? Where do you go and where didn’t you go? Why?
  • Experience as a student of color in a PDW school
  • How did you find yourself on such a big campus?
  • What were the hardest times for you? Easiest times?
  • What was your school work load like? Did you work on the side too?
  • What are somethings you’ve come to value?
  • What are somethings you’ve learned to do on your own?
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