How might we place our clothes and towel in the bathroom

Individual Idea Generation:

New Warm-up Game:

How the game is played:

One person creates some sort of form with his/her body that people can go through. The other people then try to go through it without touching the person who’s holding the form. Whoever touches the person holding the form becomes the one who has to make and hold a form for the others to go through.

Session Organization:

The older one on the left is Chengpao. He is a sophomore at Central High School. He also wants to become a designer.

The one on the right is Chaivut. He is an eight grader in Capitol Hill Magnet. He just started playing the saxophone this year.

The two smaller kids are in Randolph Heights Elementary School. They enjoy drawing.

We conducted the session at my house on our kitchen table. We only played the one game that I created.

We drew for 30 minutes and ended with 55 ideas. The IPM is .36

Sorting and Voting:

I had them categorize the index cards without talking. We ended up with the following categories:

Shelves: A platform where clothes can be placed on top of

Turbine: Involving things that uses turbine

Stick on: Stick clothes onto something

Curtain: Curtains for the clothes

Shower: Inside the shower

Laundry Machine: Machines that makes your clothes different from when you first got in the shower

Basket: Has a bowl/basket shape clothes can be placed on

Hanger: Hangs clothes and towel

Unrelated: not related to organization of clothes in the bathroom

Top Ideas: