Blaming her for every misstep her husband made and for standing by him when he had affairs doesn’t…
Vinita Jo Anthony

Are you serious? “unless you just don’t like blonds…” Any criticism of Hillary based on her appearance, voice, clothes, hair, or any other physical feature, is sexist, and I make a habit of pointing this out to people who do want to say these things, whether they are supporting Bernie or Trump.

If you’ve followed her career closely, then you would know that the criticisms that I have raised are based on her political positions and actions, as senator and secretary of state. They have nothing to do with her gender, or even with things that Bill has said or done. They have everything to do with her direct involvement in war and imperialism abroad, as well as her environmental and economic policies.

Anything “good for women and minorities” that she may have done has only really been good for a small segment of them, not working class women and minorities, here and abroad, because poverty here has gotten worse thanks to policies that she has supported in all her years in public life, and certainly wars have proliferated in the same time, killing, starving, or otherwise traumatizing women and children around the world.

The venom I have is for the rapacious ruling class, and she is a part of it, as much as the rest of the Democratic party. I cannot support Bernie either because he chose to align himself with this wretched party. I will vote for Jill Stein, and help build the movements that will achieve the things that he says he supports.