Your Gleeful Liberal Takedown of Hillary Clinton Is Affirming Institutional Sexism

It is not sexist to point out that she has promoted war in the Mideast, supported a coup in Honduras, pushed for deportation of refugee children from Latin America, and taken the side of big oil and Wall Street rather than that of working class people. It is not sexist to point out that her support for Bill Clinton’s crime omnibus disproportionately hurt Aftican Americans. It is not sexist to say that her being on the board of Walmart and getting money from the private prison industry shows that her allegiance was with modern day Jim Crow. It is not sexist to say that she took the side of her rapist husband against women who stood up to him. It is not sexist to say that she is willing to compromise on reproductive rights by restricting late term abortion. It is not sexist to say that her brand of bourgeois feminism hurts working class women. This is not a “gleeful liberal takedown.” This is calling BS on her faux feminism and faux progressivism. Progressive did not support Margaret Thatcher, not because of “institutional sexism,” but because she stole milk from babies to give more money to corporate interests. Progressive should not support Hillary either, because she abandoned women and children by supporting her husband’s welfare reform, and by supporting sanctions on Iraq that killed a million children, and by promoting fracking around the world, poisoning the water and food and air that children need for their futures. Hillary is indeed a neocon — she believes the US should be able to bully every other country on earth with the threat of bombing and invasion. You are free to support Hillary. Just don’t say that it is because she stands up for all women and children, because that is not true, and don’t say that those of us who call BS on her are doing so because we support patriarchy, because that is slander. Yes, Hillary has endured sexist attacks from the right, and we must oppose and condemn those attacks. That does not mean that all criticisms of her from the left are sexist as well.