“I will vote for Jill Stein” = “I will vote for Donald Trump.”
Jean Šrámková

No, that is certainly not true. If Trump wins, it will be because more people will have voted for him over the democratic party candidate, which would be largely due to the lack of enthusiasm for the democratic party. Voter turn out is often less than 50% of eligible voters, because people see that there has been no substantive difference between the two bourgeois parties. Obama has continued all of Bush’s economic policies and wars, even to the point that he kept Geithner as Secretary of the Treasury and Gates as secretary of "defense". Gore lost to Bush Sr. because Bill Clinton had made the democrats indistinguishable from the Republicans with his racist “tough on crime” policies, throwing children off of welfare, deregulation of the banks, free trade that killed jobs and harmed the environment, war in Kosovo and Rwanda, and supporting a coup in Haiti. You can’t blame Nader for Gore losing with a record like that. Gore didn’t even really want Bill Clinton campaigning for him, although mainly because of embarrassment about Clinton’s apparent record as a sexual predator.

Hillary Clinton is not entitled to the votes of Bernie or Jill supporters. She needs to earn them, and she is trying, using more and more of Bernie’s rhetoric, promising more and more progressive reforms. However, she cannot overcome her record or her true loyalties to the 1%, because Bernie’s supporters won’t let her off the hook, and because she still needs money from the deep pockets of the rich.

Of course, voter suppression in the form of voter ID laws, as well as fraud due to the electronic voting machines that don’t leave a paper trail used in Republican districts, and outright disenfranchisement of people who were under the criminal justice system at any point, will all help the Republican candidate win as well. When it comes down it it, we need more than just a political revolution to achieve real democracy. We need a mass movement and a party of our own.

Chances are, Hillary will win the nomination because of the rigged system of super delegates, as well as the kind of fraud we saw in Nevada and Iowa, and the interference that Bill ran in Massachusetts. The questions will be, will Bernie keep his word and support her, in spite of his legitimate criticisms of her, and whether his supporters will fall in line behind her? If so, we can expect that Hillary will tack rightward again, and promise some of the same things that Trump has been saying, regarding immigration and war.

Remember, Obama has deported more undocumented immigrants than Bush did, and Hillary said that children fleeing the violence in Honduras (which she had a role in creating, by helping legitimize the military coup) should be sent back, while saying that their parents were irresponsible for putting them in danger. Remember, Obama did not prosecute the Bush administration for war crimes like torture in the form of water boarding, and Hillary backed him up, so that they wouldn’t set a precedent, and then he killed US citizens without a trial, using drones, on the grounds that they were terrorists. What Republicans threaten, Democrats quietly carry out.

A vote for Jill Stein is a vote for a vision for a better system and a better world. We need to start somewhere, and we need to do so now, because we are running out of time. They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it certainly wasn’t built by pitching tents over and over when quarrying for stone was called for.

Vote for Hillary if you don’t care about her record, or that she is beholden to the corporations, or if war is acceptable to you Vote for Bernie if you believe that the democratic party can be reformed, in spite of its bloody, traitorous history, and if you dont mind war as long as our proxies are doing it, with money and bombs provided by Uncle Sam. Vote for Jill if you are ready to help build an alternative to the sham of democracy that we have.