If you could just say to a hiring manager “Hey, I’m so-and-so, I’m a rockstar Product Manager who can set vision and is great with roadmaps, give me a job”, to which they would (of course) reply “Awesome, I completely believe you, you start Monday”, that would be ideal.

However, that’s not how reality works.

In the resume stage of a job application, you must be your own source of proof. …

Disclaimer: I am not a retirement or financial professional, and I take no accountability for the performance of your retirement portfolio. You take full responsibility for following the suggestions of some guy on the internet.

If you’re in your 20s and 30s, choosing the right investments in your retirement fund is incredibly straightforward. This is because there are only two guaranteed ways to make money in the markets long-term:

  1. Insider trading
  2. Investing in a broad-base portfolio (of mostly stocks) that mirrors the overall state of the economy and waiting 40 years

Anyone who says differently is lying to you because…

Peanuts aren’t just peanuts when they solve a JTBD

Out on the streets of Mumbai you’ll find peanut sellers peddling their wares on the side of the road to drivers stuck in the thick traffic. Instead of hawking “peanuts”, however, they hawk “timepass.”

These timepass sellers realize that what drivers crave isn’t peanuts, but rather a way to pass the time while idling. …

So you all are hearing a lot of advice about “listening to the other side” and truly trying to understand how so many people could vote for Trump — let me talk about what that really means. Note that I’m a lifelong liberal like most people reading this and I am incredibly saddened by Tuesday’s events, but if we’re to win over enough voters to actually accomplish our agenda, we need to understand their concerns so we can craft a message that resonates instead of alienates.

I’m going to play devil’s advocate for a minute. Let’s view an issue from…

Disclaimer: I’m not a tax professional, and I don’t know your personal finances. This is simply my own understanding of stock option payoffs; if you follow my advice you take all responsibility for listening to the opinions of some guy on the internet.

Tl;dr: For Non-qualified Stock Options (NSOs or NQSOs), you should likely purchase your options as soon as you can if the following are all true:

1. You believe your company will have a worthwhile exit event such as a big acquisition or IPO.

2. You have the cash on-hand to purchase the options.

3. You can afford…

The recent Balanced Team Conference started off by making the audience laugh, not with any sort of joke or monologue, but by simply announcing the sponsors. When sponsor after sponsor’s company tagline was yet another riff on “helping companies improve the building of software”, it hit home that we were together in a place with like minded professionals, all of us there to share ideas about how to improve businesses by bringing the humanity back into work. Whereas the corporation and work as we know it have roots in the companies of last century, practical experience gained by living the…

Lee Yanco

Product Manager at Google, formerly @pivotallabs @appnexus

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