A Message From the Universe

“Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see it.” ~ Curl Jung

More times than not, I’m amazed by how many of us go through life searching for answers that are right in front of us (myself included). So why aren’t we seeing or hearing these answers loud and clear if they are right before our eyes?

The simple answer is we aren’t listening. The not so simple answer is that we aren’t even aware that the universe is trying to send us a sign or if we notice something that resembles a sign…we’re quick to dismiss it as coincidence or archive it as some other insignificant randomness.

This was me to a T until the universe whispered something to me earlier this week that finally broke the language barrier. Ironically enough, a few more things broke that day…like the strap of my overstuffed messenger bag as I hiked up several flights of stairs to work.

Sure, I could have not thought twice about it, got myself a new bag and moved on. But the very fact that it was my birthday and this bag had been through so much with me since I first moved to Duluth right around my birthday in 2015 (not to mention I just picked out a new backpack a few days prior to this) made me tune in.

As I hiked up the rest of the stairs with an awkward grip on my birthday baggage (pun intended), I couldn’t shake that there was a bigger message coming from this very messenger bag.

So I began by asking myself what other meanings, memories, and habits did I manage to attach to this bag throughout all these years. My laundry list of an answer not only confirmed that there was something bigger at work here, but it also gave me the wake up call I needed to let go of the many things I was carrying and holding on to from the past — down to the very root of my larger than life expectations for myself and workaholic tendencies. Kind of magical, right?

What’s even more magical is that every one of us is capable of breaking this very language barrier and hearing the universe when its trying to tell us something. The key is to be more mindful to everything happening around us…without driving ourselves (and others) too crazy, of course.

For example, when something as simple as a call you’re trying to make or a wifi connection you’re trying to establish (this happens to me a lot) isn’t going through, take a step back and see if perhaps the universe is trying to tell you something. Pay attention to and play with various patterns like reoccurring events, words, phrases, numbers, or those little serendipitous moments when your favorite song or a song with a special meaning comes on the radio.

And if you’re not sure what to pay attention to just yet, try posing the very question you’re pondering to the universe. It may help you zero in on some of the signs the universe may send your way when the time is right. Just remember to stay patient, present, and open for the kind of answer(s) you may receive in return.