An (almost) free Continuous {Integration|Deployment|Delivery} Environment

  • Of course a hosted version control system and a build server which executes my unit and integration tests after every commit.
  • Automated deployment to a test environment after every commit.
  • Automated tests against this deployment after every commit. I’ve seen it in so many projects that a deployment was „successful“ but nobody cared if the app is really running.
  • An easy way to release my application and deploy it to the production environment with a click of a button. This step should of course include all the pre and post tests like in the test environment.
  • A code quality tool that generates reports after every commit.
  • Monitoring of all environments. From my experiences the chances that a test environment is monitored are really low for projects on which you don’t work constantly. So the chances that your test environment is down when you start on your next feature are high. And even better: nobody knows who broke it accidentally weeks ago…
  • Setting up new environments with a click of a button for instance via Puppet or Chef. I don’t need more environments in the near future. Also: janedoe is a dropwizard app including all configuration so all I need for a new environment is a Java Runtime and some environment variables. Should be easy to set up manually.

Runtime Environment

Source Code Management

Automated Workflow

failed Codeship build



Code Quality Management





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Florian Hirsch

Florian Hirsch

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