• Wanatchapong Man

    Wanatchapong Man

  • Niko Köbler ☁️

    Niko Köbler ☁️

    Doing stuff with computers, serverless in the Cloud... mostly (functional) on the JVM, Co-Lead of @JUG_DA, Speaker, Author, Conference-Addict

  • Tayfun ÇELİK

    Tayfun ÇELİK

    Full Stack Developer Java & Angular https://www.linkedin.com/in/tayfuncelik/

  • Khaipi


  • Colin Busch

    Colin Busch

  • Giancarlo Angulo

    Giancarlo Angulo

    Programmer, Dreamer , Wannabe Entreprenuer

  • Nordic.js


    Nordic.js is an international two-day Javascript conference that will take place on the 10-11th of September, 2015. By @jede, @javve & @martinaelm

  • William Gouvea

    William Gouvea

    Dad, Husband, Curious, Pet Lover and also Android Specialist - Reverse Engineer Specialist - Senior Backend Developer.

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