Angular 2— Setting up your working environment (updated: using Beta 15)
Carlos Menezes

Great article, but I think I’m just about at the end of my rope with trying to get Angular2/typescript/npm/node/lite-server/concurrently/yada/yada installed on my Windows 7 machine. Not to mention if I want to do the full stack and include mongo and express.
I wish there was a way to click a button and have all that installed automatically without issues. It used to happen. Remember, way back when you could just install Visual Studio and SQL Server, whip up an app and life was good?
I really do understand the benefits, but I’m just weary from the endless struggle of trying to get all this ‘stuff’ to work together nicely. It also seems as though some of these packages treat Windows as a 2nd class citizen.
I just want to install something and be productive :).
Sorry for the long gripe.