Los discos malditos de 2016

Ya que todos andan con las listas de lo mejor del año, comenzaré con mi lista de discos favoritos de metal/heavy/drone/black/thrash/doom/etc del 2016.

Osea pura música del demonio en todas sus vertientes…

En orden alfabético, mi top 10 es Oathbreaker, Deftones, Abnormality, Skeletonwitch, Desaster, Ornasii Pazuzu, Boyfrndz, Tulkas, Black Mountain y Metallica.

Abnormality — Mechanism Of Omniscience

Black Mountain — IV

Boyfrndsz — Impulse

Cough — Still They Pray

Dark Funeral — Where Shadows Forever Reign

Death Angel — The Evil Divide

Deftones — Gore

Desaster — The Oath Of An Iron Ritual

Downfall Of Gaia — Atrophy

Eight Bells — Landless

Exumer — The Raging Tides

Ghost Bath — Moonlover

Gojira — Magma

Gomorrah — The Haruspex

Gorguts — Pelades’ Dust

Graves At Sea — The Curse That Is

Hammers Of Misfortune — Dead Revolution

Like Rats — II

Meek Is Murder — Was

Megadeth — Dystopia

Meshuggah — The Violent Sleep Of Reason

Metallica — Hardwired…To Self Destruct

Nails — You Will Never Be One Of Us

Nervosa — Agony

North — Light The Way

Oathbreaker — Rheia

Oransii Pazuzu — Värähtelijä

Revocation — Great Is Our Sin

Rotten Sound — Abbuse To Suffer

Scorpion Child — Acid Roulette

Skeletonwitch — The Apothic Gloom

Spell — For None And All

SubRosa — For This We Fought The Battle Of Ages

Suburban Scum — Ultima Anihilation

Testament — Brotherhood of the Snake

The Dillinger Escape Plan — Dissociation

Tulkas — Freedom Thoughts

Vader — The Empire

Vektor — Terminal Redux

Witchery — In His Infernal Majesty’s Service

Wolves In The Throne Room — Diadem of 12 Stars

Yidhra — Cult Of Bathory