101 types of pint I miss

  1. The first pint of spring in a beer garden
  2. The airport pint
  3. The first pint of a session
  4. The second (and last) pint which you all know is really just an intermediate pint but you’re all pretending you’re going to go home after this next pint
  5. The work trip hotel bar pint
  6. The dumping the bags on the bed and rushing out the hotel trying to find a bar (maybe 500ml) pint
  7. The straight to the pub after work pint
  8. The Friday before Christmas pint
  9. The Sunday afternoon beer garden pint
  10. The crisp cold lager on a hot day pint
  11. The crisp cold cider on a hot day pint
  12. The warm bitter on a cold winter’s day pint
  13. The actually I fancy a lager top refreshing pint
  14. The first pint can cracked at a festival pint
  15. The cheeky “half” pint
  16. The standing around the BBQ being constructive pint
  17. The first local lager on a weekend break pint
  18. The hungover Sunday pub lunch resurrection pint
  19. The tools down pint
  20. The still sweating rehydration pint
  21. The “of course I’m on my way home” pint
  22. The half time pint
  23. The “it’s five o’clock somewhere” pint
  24. The inadvisable final pint
  25. The absolutely disastrous following pint
  26. The just reached the pub and someone has already got your beer in and hands it too you and slaps you on the shoulder saying “hello bud” pint
  27. The “its the cricket of course its not too early” pint
  28. The hotel balcony 7pm pint
  29. The pre-dinner pint
  30. The post-dinner pint
  31. The squashed in a corner not able to bend your elbow properly pint
  32. The you get bought by someone who you’ve never met before but its their round and you’d like to buy them one back but you don’t think you ever will pint
  33. The pint you buy someone else because its you’re round, you’re not expecting to get it back, it’s just nice to get someone a pint pint
  34. The its going to be okay mate, she’ll have you back pint
  35. The it’s time to move on mate pint
  36. The at home pre-drinks pint
  37. The just changed the barrel, you’ll have to wait for a gallon of foam before I can pour you one pint
  38. The propping up the bar pint
  39. The trying to find somewhere to put your beer so I can play pool pint
  40. The getting poured before you’ve asked local pint
  41. The going to your old local pint
  42. The crap lager at a gig pint
  43. The awful student union pint
  44. The well-poured dual stage Guinness pint
  45. The 50p a pint Jester’s in Southampton Monday night pint
  46. The pub quiz prize pint
  47. The country fair too-young-for-this-but-who’s-checking pint
  48. The tap-room craft pint
  49. The homebrew pint
  50. The conference networking drinks pint
  51. The debrief the day pint
  52. The leisurely train station pub pint
  53. The sinking it quickly before your train pint
  54. The looking at your watching pretending you’re thinking about whether or not to have one pint
  55. The last pint before going home to see your wife pint
  56. The having a couple of quite beers the day after your wedding reminiscing pint
  57. The “I dunno just surprise me” pint
  58. The by a roaring fire pint
  59. The stroking the pub dog pint
  60. The getting cornered by the pub bore pint
  61. The doing a quiz machine or fruity and just popping your beer down in the little holder pint
  62. The getting a paper and finding a corner seat pint
  63. The quiet and reflective pint
  64. The watching the world go by pint
  65. The subtly listening in to the next table pint
  66. The “ooh go on, if you’re twisting my arm” pint
  67. The father/son chat and pint
  68. The buying your underage brother one in the pub pint
  69. The “I’ve got three packs of crisps to share too” pint
  70. The roof terrace pint
  71. The huddled around a single heater winter patio pint
  72. The on the house pint
  73. The catching up with old friends pint
  74. The drinking to absent friends pint
  75. The toasting someone’s memory pint
  76. The spotting a pub on a narrow boat pint
  77. The coming across a pub on a walk pint
  78. The reward after a long hike pint
  79. The shandy because you’re driving pint
  80. The open bar pint
  81. The sat in a field listening to music pint
  82. The getting a round in with your winnings pint
  83. The spilling it down you dancing pint
  84. The spilling it down someone else celebrating pint
  85. The no trouble mate, sorry about that, let me get you a new one pint
  86. The terrible novelty Christmas pint
  87. The sat by the pool pint
  88. The feeling a bit bloated pint
  89. The nursed pint
  90. The birthday pint(s)
  91. The planning your next move pint
  92. The didn’t realise we were all leaving pint
  93. The first underage pint
  94. The first of legal age pint
  95. The awkward round from the boss pint
  96. The one for the road pint
  97. The reflective end of a holiday pint
  98. The snuck out the pub, waking up with a free glass pint
  99. The first of the stag do pint
  100. The regular Tuesday night pub quiz pint
  101. Any pint with my friends and family