Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Relocating A/V equipment

With all the different A/V components (receivers, Apple TVs, cable boxes, etc.) of various shapes and sizes it’s hard to keep all of that looking “presentable”. I’ve found the best option is to move everything someplace out of the way and most importantly out of sight. Thanks to HDMI’s ability to carry audio, video and various other channels it is fairly strightfoward to relocate all your components to another location, in my case the basement, and run a single HDMI cable back to the TV to display everything.

Perhaps the biggest challenge with relocating equipment is controlling it. My solution to this is made up of two things: Harmony Hub based remotes and a small, but powerful IR Extender. This device uses HDMI’s CEC channel to send IR through the cable. This means you can either receive the IR at the TV and transmit it back to the rest of your gear or the reverse, sending IR back to your TV to control it. Either way the ability to send audio, video and IR over a single cable opens up a lot of options for relocating equipment.