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‘Barbie’ Just Helped Me, a Man, Make the World Better

Uniting men and women against misogyny.

Joe Truax
9 min readAug 1, 2023
Barbie and Ken dolls shaking hands in agreement when it comes to working together to make this world a better place.
Barbie and Ken agreeing to work as a team to advance society. (This image is AI generated using Midjourney)

There are a couple of spoilers in this article, so if you haven’t seen it, just know that. When you do see it though, please come back and read this. Also, in case you don’t know, Medium allows you to clap many times for an article, so if you like this, hit that clap button a whole bunch for me. Show the world you agree by doing the most :) Finally, this is the fifth article in the Rectifying Today For Tomorrow series. The other articles are pretty powerful too and I have 14 drafts in my folder that still need to be written. Please check out my work. We are making change.

TL;DR - Men, navigating the complexities of our modern world often requires us to grow and adapt. Fostering empathy, understanding, and flexibility, rather than expecting the world to bend to our will, can lead to stronger relationships and better mental health. If you are happy, disregard this. But if you are not, try things my way; I promise you want to feel how I feel.

My name is Joe Truax (read a lot more about me in my about section), and I am at the helm of Legacies of Men (currently stationed at, a 38,000 member men’s mental health movement that I — along with many others — believe is instrumental to societal evolution. In spite of technological leaps, we as humans must fundamentally improve how we treat one another. This transformation, with the help of tech advancement, will be done through a globally connected educational network, which is what I‘m building. For now, however, let’s talk about two key points I observed in the movie ‘Barbie.’ These points highlight everyday actions by men that are harmful, often without their realizing: objectification of women and the division men create among other men.

Please keep in mind as you read, that I’m not labeling all men as problematic. There are some fantastic men on this earth and they are cherished by many. I’m just trying to paint a picture of the issues we face. Much love to my kind and loving brothers worldwide. Keep on being the examples of how men should act. Without you, this world is dark.

When ‘Barbie’ hit theaters, the guys from my subreddit were all over it, saying that it highlighted many issues with our current society.

The post and comments can be found here

That same day, my roommates were heading out to watch it and I told them, “Guys, I’ve heard this movie is a wake-up call about what’s wrong with our society.” When they got back, they couldn’t agree more. They said, “Joe, you nailed it. It shows everything that’s wrong with this world. You’ve got to see it.” So, I did. Here’s are just two of the points I picked up on that I feel need discussed:

Part 1: Men as Unconscious Predators

In the movie, when Barbie first came into the real world, she stated that she started getting an uneasy feeling, at the same time, men started catcalling her, and hitting her with double entendres. As a feminist, I was deeply disturbed by this scene.

A few years ago, I sat down and really pondered about what it’s like to be a woman in this devolving society. I wanted to consider the female perspective in all things, and it lead me down a path of knowledge that was scary (to say the least).

Susceptibility to Predation: Young Girls and Boys

While all children are vulnerable to predators, girls between ages 1–10 are particularly susceptible. This can be attributed to a range of factors, from societal norms and perceptions to physical differences and predator behavior.

  1. Predator Behavior: Sexual predators often target individuals they see as more vulnerable, and unfortunately, young girls may be seen as easier targets due to their perceived naivety and innocence.
  2. Physical Differences: Young girls may appear smaller and physically weaker than boys of the same age, which can make them more susceptible to exploitation.
  3. Societal Perceptions: Societal norms and perceptions about gender may play a role in the targeting of young girls, with some predators preying on gender stereotypes that portray girls as submissive or less likely to resist.
  4. Psychological Manipulation: Predators often use psychological manipulation and grooming techniques to gain trust and control over their victims, and girls may be more susceptible to such tactics due to their trusting nature.
  5. Cultural Factors: In certain cultures, girls may face additional risks due to harmful practices or beliefs that make girls seem like a lesser sex and put them at a higher risk of exploitation.

It’s important to note that while girls may be more vulnerable statistically, as I stated earlier, sexual predators target children of any gender. Protecting children from sexual exploitation and abuse requires ongoing education, awareness, and vigilance from parents, caregivers, educators, and society as a whole. It is essential to create a safe environment for all children, regardless of their gender, to ensure their well-being and protection from harm.

The Transition: Boys vs. Girls Aged 14+

As adolescence begins, the dynamic changes. While boys can retaliate against predators, girls often find themselves in a defenseless position, an issue exemplified by the following powerful Reddit post made by a 19-year-old woman:

As you can see, she has conveyed very clearly the very real danger of being a woman in this predatory world. Where boys can defend themselves, women often can not.

The Emerging Predicament: All Eyes on Women

In recent years, an increasing number of men have begun to manifest their frustration through contempt for women. A few factors contribute to this phenomenon: traditional masculinity, internet anonymity, and misguided male influencers:

  1. Traditional masculinity: Following the feminist movement’s challenge to the patriarchy, men have carried the torch of anger down the generations. That anger is often shown as contempt towards women and their desire to have equal rights. Few woman want a traditional masculine man. Even fewer will want them when they come to learn about the ‘model’ masculine man.
  2. Internet anonymity: The internet is home to vast groups of men complaining about women. These groups are lead by a handful of men that spread hate and promote rape and violence against women. These leaders are faceless, gutless men that no woman would ever want, even if they were the most handsome men on the planet. Their inner being is disgusting and impossible to hide, so they stay inside and don’t show their faces anywhere. They instead use platforms like MRA (Men’s Rights Activist), Red-Pill, PUA’s (Pick Up Artists), MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way), and involuntarily celibate groups (incels) to spread their bitterness as thickly as they can. Hate draws hate to it, and social media companies should be held accountable for their allowance of these groups.
  3. Male influencers: Men such as Jordan Peterson, Andrew Tate, and their followers are peddling a form of misogyny. They actively belittle women, while telling men how to attract women. They are a huge problem. We are going to talk more about them in the second part of this article.

The Impact of Technology

The internet; the devil's playground. Where the manosphere thrives.

The misuse of technology, particularly the internet, has led to a decline in societal values. What should have been a tool for global unity and knowledge-sharing has become a platform for spreading hatred and misogyny. The internet allows entirely too much hatred to be spread. Times used to be slower, and the only anonymity hate had was a white hood.

Addressing Unconscious Predatory Behavior in Men

So this brings me back to the main heading of this section. Men are unaware of how predatory they really are. The catcalling, sexual harassment, and general acceptance of the manosphere taking place in this world are seen as normal by the men participating in these deeds. Their consciences are not trained and thus they don’t realize that they are being incredibly harmful to the growth of humanity. And they wonder why no women want them.

My “Legacies of Men” program aims to address these issues by helping men understand women’s value and expectations, and fostering desirable qualities in men. It is crucial that men present their authentic selves from the beginning, acknowledging their potential “deal-breakers” to avoid deceiving women into entering relationships they would otherwise avoid.

Although everyone should disclose relevant information, it’s men who need to take steps to impress by being authentic and true to themselves if they hope to establish solid relationships.

To every woman walking this earth, you have a powerful ally in me. I’m giving my all to make sure you have to look over your shoulder a lot less. Root me on :)

Part 2: Men Dividing Men

The second issue in the Barbie movie that I need to talk about is when the Barbies made a plan to pit the Kens against each other. As soon as I saw this scene, I thought, ‘that doesn’t happen’ and if it does, it’s not happening on a global scale. Women don’t pit men against men like that, but men do. They do this using what is commonly referred to as the alpha/beta complex — a framework often used to rank men in a social hierarchy, where ‘alpha’ signifies dominance and ‘beta’ suggests submissiveness or inferiority. This is bad news and contributes greatly to suicide amongst men of all ages.

No man should label another man with any title except ‘equal,’ ‘brother,’ or ‘friend.’ The idea of one man being inherently better than another is deeply flawed. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and these should be acknowledged and respected, not belittled or used as a source of division. But that is exactly what Jordan Peterson, Andrew Tate and their followers promote.

The Role of Negative Role Models

It’s concerning to see influential figures like these promoting a vision of masculinity that emphasizes dominance and physical strength as desirable traits. While it’s not fair to say that everything these individuals preach is harmful, some of the ideas they push can make men feel left out or alone if they don’t see those traits in themselves. Also, these men often try to tell men what women desire in men, but, wouldn’t it make more sense to hear directly from women about what they want in a partner?

Countering Harmful Narratives

As parents, it's our duty to both shield our children, as well as well as stand with others doing their part to shield children.

It’s my sincere regret that I couldn’t have started countering these narratives earlier in my life. However, I am now stepping up as a youth motivational speaker to challenge this harmful ideology, and I have a plan to easily disrupt this misogynistic thinking early in our youth’s lives. With the help of Joyce, we have devised an action plan to help young boys and young men hear from young girls and young women what it is that they desire in a partner. In this way, we hope to eradicate the harmful narratives presented by some negative role models.

Our Collective Power for Change

Our world is currently dealing with complex challenges, but I strongly believe in our collective power to effect meaningful change. This is where you come in. Your support and active participation can make a world of difference. If you find resonance with these topics and believe in our cause, please, share these articles within your networks. It’s not just about gaining visibility for our movement, it’s about safeguarding our children’s future.

Together, we can foster a more inclusive and understanding future — a future where men strive to be their best selves without the fear of judgment from their peers, and where women feel valued and respected. However, the path we’re on is leading us towards a point of no return, and the time to act is now. I’m asking for your undivided attention because the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Thank you for reading this and please check out r/GuyCry.


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