Rectifying Today For Tomorrow

#4. The Good People Spots: 565 Venues and Settings Where Good People Gather

Eradicating loneliness for good people worldwide.

Joe Truax
14 min readJul 20, 2023
We weren’t made to be alone.

My name is Joe Truax, I spearhead a 38,000 member men’s mental health movement (who I am, where I’ve been, and where I’m taking us can be found in my about section), and this is the fourth article in the “Rectifying Today For Tomorrow” series. If you haven’t yet checked out the first three articles in the series, I suggest doing such. They are #1. It’s Concerning How Similar Toxic Masculinity and Traditional Masculinity Are; A Comparison, #2 ‘Model’ Masculinity Vs. Traditional Masculinity; a Comparison and #3 Discouragement: a Weapon Devastating to Mental Health. All are designed to help the world see what it needs to see so that we can positively grow as a society. The world needs better.

What are we facing?

For all of you out there who have grown weary of today’s dating landscape, who feel like you’re constantly encountering toxic individuals and falling into damaging relationships, I am speaking directly to you.

The dating scene is TERRIBLE these days. Toxic men and women are out in full force, often tricking us into relationships we would have never entered had we known their true colors. These people do their best to act like people that are desirable, use language that promotes loyalty, and show their best act in order to draw you in and make you love them. They are expert manipulators, not looking to be with you, but rather, they are simply looking to not be alone (on top of other things). As soon as the next mark enters their life, out of your life they go, leaving you broken and jaded. Jaded individuals take themselves off the market, become bitter, and often blame themselves for the outcome of the relationship. This of course is almost never the case, and to those of you that have fallen for their trap, I’m so sorry, but know that you are worthy of love.

I want to ask you something important though; where are you looking for your relationships? I know that the dating pool may seem horrible, but I assure you that it is not. There is a massive population of men and women worldwide that simply don’t put themselves into the current scene. They have hidden themselves from the toxic people of this world, and only surround themselves with others like themselves. Toxic people find no joy in their activities and so their activities provide a great protection from toxicity. They have peace while the world continues to become angrier and more lonely.

Don’t be mislead, this wonderful group of people, though appearing kind and happy, have their defenses on full alert. They can often tell a toxic person from a mile away. And if you think they will just jump into a relationship with you, think again. This group of individuals asks questions, wants to know everything about you, and expects solid communication from the very get go. If you fail their tests, then that’s on you. These people expect honesty in all things. And that is perfectly acceptable. No one can be mad at them because it’s their time that they are potentially giving away, and time is the most valuable resource on earth. We need to be deserving of their time, not just expectant of it.

Hard pills to swallow…

Yes, not just expectant of it. Many of us walk around thinking that we deserve what we actually have not earned. As an example of what I’m talking about, I would like to tell you how my current relationship — the last relationship I will ever be in — began.

We met in a mutual-interest online forum. From the very get go, I knew that she was in a class of her own. This woman was exactly the woman I knew I would want to marry and be with for the rest of my life. But I, having had just changed me entire life — having been toxic myself for the first 33 of my almost 40 years on this earth — decided to be completely honest about my past: upfront, no holds barred. My reasoning was that I wanted her to love the true me, not the manipulative toxic person I once was myself; that person that wanted love but also didn't want to be alone. Loneliness causes us to do selfish things without thought of the other person. Being the new me, I no longer wanted to be that person, and so I told her everything. Doing such allowed her to make a choice with ALL of the available information at hand. And I held nothing back. I told her the things that, if you were me, you would have taken to the grave with you. And it was terrifying.

In the end though, after she carefully considered everything, she accepted my past and we fell in love. She loves the real me, not the persona that I could have easily thrown on. We have a closeness that is unrivaled, and I hope you can all find the same. True, our relationship isn’t perfect — none is — but because our relationship was founded on communication as its cornerstone, I don’t have any fear of telling her what’s going on in my life and confiding my deepest thoughts with her. And she loves me for my vulnerability. A lot of men see me as weak for being so vulnerable, but they are unhappy and projecting their misery towards me. And I’m perfectly okay with it. Because in the end, I’m still happy and in love. And if men follow my advice here, they can have the same. It’s all about stepping outside of the norm. I teach and promote model masculinity, helping men become the types of men that non-toxic women prefer.

Being open and honest in your communication from the very get-go may not go well for you the first, second, or even the tenth time, but relationships should not be something that should just be jumped into haphazardly and without thought or thoughtfulness. Again, loneliness drives us to do things that damage others. Don’t let it be the driving force behind you seeking a relationship. I want you to be happy, and following this advice will help you find that actual happiness. It’s also critically important that you become best friends before you marry each other; marry your best friend.

To help you along in your journey, below is a list of 565 venues and settings where the good people gather. These are venues that often serve as entry points into fantastic relationships.

The List (according to ChatGPT)

Here is a list of 565 venues and activities where you more than likely will find good people (there are thousands of more I’m sure):

1. Local Libraries
2. Book Clubs
3. Community Centers
4. Farmers' Markets
5. Volunteering at Nonprofit Organizations
6. Soup Kitchens
7. Local Gyms or Fitness Centers
8. Adult Education Classes
9. Community Colleges
10. Yoga Classes
11. Meditation Groups
12. Outdoor Adventure Clubs
13. Film Clubs
14. Volunteering at Animal Shelters
15. Hiking Clubs
16. Biking Groups
17. Running Clubs
18. Language Exchange Meetups
19. Art Classes or Workshops
20. Cooking Classes
21. Pottery Classes
22. Local Theaters
23. Improv Classes
24. Community Gardens
25. Art Exhibitions
26. Museum Events
27. Charity Runs
28. Open Mic Nights
29. Poetry Readings
30. Music Festivals
31. Local Concerts
32. Wine Tasting Events
33. Food Festivals
34. Local Craft Fairs
35. Chess Clubs
36. Bridge Clubs
37. Amateur Sports Leagues
38. Photography Clubs
39. Astronomy Clubs
40. Volunteering at Local Schools
41. Dance Classes
42. Parent-Teacher Associations
43. Neighborhood Associations
44. Community Clean-Up Events
45. Nature Conservation Groups
46. Community Swimming Pools
47. Scuba Diving Clubs
48. Sailing Clubs
49. Bird Watching Groups
50. Dog Parks
51. Community Choirs
52. Music Lessons
53. Neighborhood Watch Groups
54. Public Speaking Groups (like Toastmasters)
55. Writing Workshops
56. Stand-Up Comedy Workshops
57. Book Signings
58. Film Screenings
59. Community Fundraisers
60. Community Picnics
61. Board Game Nights
62. Trivia Nights
63. Open Studio Events
64. Science Clubs
65. DIY Workshops
66. Gardening Clubs
67. Classic Film Clubs
68. Wine Clubs
69. Woodworking Clubs
70. Health and Wellness Fairs
71. Quilting Circles
72. Tech Meetups
73. Hackathons
74. Storytelling Events
75. Fashion Shows
76. Cultural Festivals
77. Networking Events
78. Entrepreneur Meetups
79. Animal Rescue Groups
80. Beach Cleanups
81. Adult Art Classes
82. Sculpting Classes
83. Clothing Swaps
84. Job Fairs
85. Community Barbecues
86. University Lectures
87. Mentoring Programs
88. Roller Derby Teams
89. Bowling Leagues
90. Homebrewing Clubs
91. Local Marathons
92. Historical Societies
93. Drama Clubs
94. Comedy Clubs
95. Indie Bookstores
96. Community Orchestras
97. Tea Tasting Events
98. Coffee Shop Poetry Nights
99. Local Government Meetings
100. Code Camps
101. Rotary Clubs
102. Food Co-ops
103. Music Jams
104. Tedx Events
105. Soup Swaps
106. Knitting Circles
107. Social Justice Groups
108. Park Runs
109. Dragon Boat Racing Teams
110. Maker Fairs
111. Community Murals
112. Folk Dancing Groups
113. Amateur Geology Groups
114. Historical Reenactment Groups
115. Civic Clubs
116. Nature Walks
117. Local Orchards
118. Beekeeping Associations
119. Botanical Gardens
120. Community Theater Groups
121. Walking Tours
122. Flea Markets
123. Antique Shops
124. Vegan and Vegetarian Groups
125. Film Making Clubs
126. Startup Pitch Nights
127. Silent Reading Parties
128. Public Radio Events
129. Sustainable Living Workshops
130. Artisan Markets
131. Comedy Workshops
132. Volunteering at Homeless Shelters
133. Craft Beer Tastings
134. Urban Farming Groups
135. Outdoor Photography Walks
136. Soap Making Workshops
137. Animal Rights Activist Groups
138. Recycling Centers
139. Upcycling Workshops
140. Stargazing Events
141. Potluck Dinners
142. Open House Events at Fire Stations
143. Local Sports Events
144. Botany Clubs
145. Canning and Preserving Workshops
146. Zero Waste Workshops
147. Microbrewery Tours
148. Solar Energy Workshops
149. Electronic Music Meetups
150. Circus Skills Workshops
151. Caving or Spelunking Clubs
152. Local Carnivals
153. School Fundraisers
154. Political Campaign Volunteers
155. Local Indie Film Premieres
156. Yoga Retreats
157. Dance Performances
158. Glassblowing Workshops
159. Boat Shows
160. Volunteer EMS Squads
161. Fencing Clubs
162. Bird Watching Tours
163. Local Zine Fests
164. Comic Book Conventions
165. Volunteering at Hospice Care
166. CPR Training Classes
167. Neighborhood Yard Sales
168. Community Band Performances
169. Recycling Events
170. Beach Volleyball Leagues
171. Local Nature Reserves
172. Sustainable Architecture Tours
173. Community Choir Performances
174. Local Health Clinics
175. Sustainable Agriculture Farms
176. Habitat for Humanity Projects
177. Community Centers for the Elderly
178. Literary Readings
179. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Groups
180. Open Days at Research Labs
181. Career Counseling Centers
182. Environmental Conservation Groups
183. Alternative Energy Events
184. Peace Corps Reunion Events
185. Writing Seminars
186. Antique Car Shows
187. Graphic Design Workshops
188. Philosophy Clubs
189. Model UN Clubs
190. Local Symposiums
191. Origami Workshops
192. Astronomy Observatories
193. Ethnic Cuisine Cooking Classes
194. Community Fairs
195. Startup Incubators
196. Health Clinics
197. Homeless Shelters
198. Community Health Events
199. Meditation Retreats
200. Volunteering at Local Hospitals
201. Craft Workshops
202. Drum Circles
203. Community Rallies
204. Antique Restoration Classes
205. Cultural Centers
206. Community Parades
207. Live Music Venues
208. Planetarium Shows
209. Speech Therapy Centers
210. Music Therapy Classes
211. Public Health Workshops
212. Career Networking Events
213. Horticultural Societies
214. Film Editing Workshops
215. Photo Editing Classes
216. Coding Bootcamps
217. Ethical Hacking Workshops
218. Entrepreneurial Incubators
219. Archaeology Clubs
220. Math Clubs
221. Storytelling Workshops
222. Youth Centers
223. LEGO Building Workshops
224. 3D Printing Workshops
225. Travel Clubs
226. Bicycle Repair Workshops
227. Photography Exhibitions
228. Model Railroad Clubs
229. Music Production Workshops
230. Nature Photography Workshops
231. Lifeguard Training Centers
232. Wildlife Rehab Centers
233. Citizen Science Projects
234. Outdoor Education Centers
235. Plant Nursery Volunteering
236. Public Park Cleanups
237. English as Second Language (ESL) Classes
238. Auto Repair Workshops
239. Physics Clubs
240. Martial Arts Dojos
241. Boxing Gyms
242. Animal Training Classes
243. Tech Repair Workshops
244. Disaster Preparedness Workshops
245. Robotics Clubs
246. Animation Workshops
247. Calligraphy Workshops
248. Aquariums
249. Whale Watching Tours
250. Wildflower Identification Walks
251. Language Learning Clubs
252. Forensic Science Clubs
253. Marine Biology Clubs
254. Survival Skills Workshops
255. Geocaching Events
256. Adventure Racing Clubs
257. Coffee Cupping Events
258. Percussion Workshops
259. Community Murals
260. Lantern Festival Events
261. Bonsai Workshops
262. Fossil Hunting Groups
263. Classic Car Restoration Clubs
264. Map Reading Workshops
265. Genealogy Clubs
266. Lock Picking Workshops
267. Scavenger Hunt Events
268. Sandcastle Building Competitions
269. Kite Flying Festivals
270. Street Art Tours
271. Hot Air Balloon Festivals
272. Poetry Writing Workshops
273. Public Garden Tours
274. Historic Home Tours
275. Puppet Shows
276. Macrame Workshops
277. Magic Trick Workshops
278. Silent Discos
279. Vintage Clothing Shops
280. Miniature Painting Workshops
281. Virtual Reality Arcades
282. Go-Kart Racing Tracks
283. Frisbee Golf Courses
284. Skate Parks
285. Geology Museums
286. Jazz Clubs
287. Artisanal Chocolate Shops
288. Hot Yoga Studios
289. Virtual Reality Experiences
290. DIY Bio Labs
291. Digital Art Workshops
292. Tech Startup Pitch Nights
293. Hackerspaces
294. Makerspaces
295. Cideries
296. Pickleball Courts
297. Kickboxing Studios
298. Zumba Classes
299. Escape Room Venues
300. Disc Golf Courses
301. Indoor Rock Climbing Gyms
302. Paint and Sip Classes
303. Trampoline Parks
304. Aerial Yoga Studios
305. DIY Furniture Workshops
306. Printmaking Workshops
307. Food Truck Festivals
308. Specialty Coffee Shops
309. Indoor Cycling Studios
310. Outdoor Boot Camp Classes
311. Small Group Training Classes
312. Botanical Drawing Workshops
313. Community Murals
314. Salsa Dance Classes
315. Organic Farms
316. Zero Waste Stores
317. Alternative Cinema Showings
318. Vintage Record Stores
319. Guitar Making Workshops
320. Drumming Circles
321. Micro-farms
322. Maker Fairs
323. Reiki Classes
324. Crystal Shops
325. Tai Chi Classes
326. Kung Fu Classes
327. Vegan Cooking Classes
328. Archery Ranges
329. Historical Preservation Groups
330. Writer's Retreats
331. Independent Cinemas
332. Artist Residencies
333. Children's Museums
334. Latin Dance Classes
335. Raku Firing Workshops
336. Native Plant Societies
337. Co-housing Communities
338. Local Record Stores
339. Tiny House Building Workshops
340. Life Drawing Classes
341. Composting Classes
342. Silent Book Clubs
343. Ghost Tour Walks
344. Biodynamic Farming Workshops
345. Social Dancing Clubs
346. Bicycle Touring Groups
347. Ikebana Classes
348. Group Meditation Classes
349. Self-Defense Classes
350. Surfing Schools
351. Bushcraft Workshops
352. Foraging Workshops
353. Community Radio Stations
354. Locally Sourced Restaurants
355. Specialty Tea Shops
356. Fiddle Clubs
357. Storytelling Clubs
358. Woodcarving Clubs
359. Beach Combing Groups
360. Language Immersion Programs
361. Sustainable Fishing Groups
362. Aquaponics Workshops
363. Ethnic Cooking Classes
364. Science Cafes
365. Mixology Classes
366. Intentional Living Communities
367. Herbalism Workshops
368. Home Birth Classes
369. Sourdough Baking Workshops
370. Swing Dance Clubs
371. Fermentation Workshops
372. Barista Training Courses
373. Local Independent Bookstores
374. Tiny House Communities
375. Permaculture Design Courses
376. Forest Schools
377. Mindfulness Retreats
378. Community-Supported Fisheries
379. Independent Art Galleries
380. Urban Sketching Groups
381. Independent Coffee Roasters
382. Forest Bathing Groups
383. Cob Building Workshops
384. Biophilic Design Workshops
385. Craft Distilleries
386. Art Therapy Classes
387. Regenerative Agriculture Farms
388. Natural Building Workshops
389. Forest Therapy Walks
390. Cello Clubs
391. Sound Bath Experiences
392. Figure Drawing Clubs
393. Outdoor Cinema
394. Community Greenhouses
395. Ayurveda Workshops
396. Farm-to-Table Restaurants
397. Foraging Groups
398. Natural Wine Bars
399. Volunteer Fire Departments
400. Ecovillages
401. Urban Homesteading Workshops
402. Social Permaculture Courses
403. Waldorf Schools
404. Montessori Schools
405. Puppetry Workshops
406. Tiny House Workshops
407. Living Building Challenge Projects
408. Urban Beekeeping Workshops
409. Local Maker Fairs
410. Sustainable Business Conferences
411. Local CSA Farms
412. Co-working Spaces
413. Repair Cafes
414. Local Seed Swaps
415. Choral Singing Groups
416. AcroYoga Classes
417. Urban Farms
418. Local Swap Meets
419. Volunteer Trail Maintenance Groups
420. Natural Parenting Groups
421. Zero Waste Meetups
422. Homesteading Workshops
423. Community Orchards
424. Community Kitchens
425. Community Supported Bakeries
426. Bicycle Kitchen Workshops
427. Tool Libraries
428. Community Bicycle Workshops
429. Sewing Clubs
430. Forest Kindergartens
431. Alternative Schools
432. Volunteer Tree-Planting Groups
433. Backpacking Clubs
434. Free-Schooling Communities
435. Homeschooling Groups
436. Unschooling Meetups
437. Climate Activist Groups
438. Time Banks
439. Sharing Economy Meetups
440. Communal Living Houses
441. Local Slow Food Chapters
442. Traditional Skills Workshops
443. Land Stewardship Projects
444. Wilderness Schools
445. Freegan Groups
446. Dumpster Diving Groups
447. Gleaning Groups
448. Rewilding Projects
449. Community Land Trusts
450. Cob Oven Building Workshops
451. Chicken-Keeping Workshops
452. Leatherworking Workshops
453. Animal Husbandry Classes
454. Natural Dyeing Workshops
455. Nature Art Workshops
456. Canoe Building Workshops
457. Natural Fibers Workshops
458. Natural Cosmetics Workshops
459. Edible Landscaping Classes
460. Indigenous Land Rights Actions
461. Local Folk Music Jams
462. Appalachian Dance Groups
463. Square Dance Groups
464. Ethnic Folk Dance Classes
465. Rites of Passage Groups
466. Nonviolent Communication Workshops
467. Transformational Festivals
468. Intentional Communities
469. Ecovillage Design Courses
470. Natural Burial Grounds
471. Animal-Assisted Therapy Centers
472. Local Habitat Restoration Projects
473. Complementary Currency Groups
474. Ecoarts Conferences
475. Nature Connection Workshops
476. Bird Language Workshops
477. Wilderness First Responder Courses
478. Seaweed Foraging Classes
479. Mushroom Foraging Workshops
480. Homesteading Expos
481. Slow Living Conferences
482. Community Compost Programs
483. Guerrilla Gardening Groups
484. Traditional Herbal Medicine Workshops
485. Community Solar Projects
486. Local Solidarity Economy Groups
487. Cooperative Businesses
488. Community Energy Cooperatives
489. Transition Town Initiatives
490. Local Currency Projects
491. Food Sovereignty Groups
492. Fair Trade Shops
493. Local Food Policy Councils
494. Community Supported Restaurants
495. Coworking Collectives
496. Natural Health Clinics
497. Community Health Cooperatives
498. Worker-Owned Cooperatives
499. Mutual Aid Networks
500. Living Soil Workshops
501. Natural Plaster Workshops
502. Ferrocement Building Workshops
503. Tiny House Building Workshops
504. Cordwood Construction Workshops
505. Aquaponics Greenhouse Workshops
506. Straw Bale Building Workshops
507. Rainwater Harvesting Workshops
508. Rocket Mass Heater Workshops
509. Green Roof Workshops
510. Passive Solar Design Workshops
511. Living Willow Structures Workshops
512. Earthbag Building Workshops
513. Earthen Floor Workshops
514. Local Homestead Tours
515. Cob Building Workshops
516. Local Permaculture Convergences
517. Eco-Brick Building Workshops
518. Greywater System Workshops
519. Natural Swimming Pool Workshops
520. Natural Building Expos
521. Rocket Stove Workshops
522. Solar Oven Workshops
523. Biomass Gasification Workshops
524. Community Food Forests
525. Gourmet Mushroom Cultivation Workshops
526. Soil Regeneration Workshops
527. Hugelkultur Bed Workshops
528. Aquaponics Systems Workshops
529. Organic Pest Control Workshops
530. Bee-Friendly Garden Workshops
531. Edible Forest Garden Design Workshops
532. Indigenous Permaculture Workshops
533. Herbal Medicine Making Workshops
534. Wild Tending Workshops
535. Natural Beekeeping Workshops
536. Earth Oven Building Workshops
537. Wool Spinning Workshops
538. Fiber Arts Workshops
539. Natural Basketry Workshops
540. Blacksmithing Workshops
541. Primitive Pottery Workshops
542. Traditional Bow Making Workshops
543. Hide Tanning Workshops
544. Spoon Carving Workshops
545. Stone Carving Workshops
546. Solar Carving Workshops
547. Fermentation Workshops
548. Cider Making Workshops
549. Mead Making Workshops
550. Kombucha Making Workshops
551. Natural Cheese Making Workshops
552. Off-Grid Living Expos
553. Traditional Skills Gatherings
554. Tiny House Festivals
555. Natural Building Caravans
556. Cob Cottage Internships
557. Green Building Apprenticeships
558. Sustainable Farming Internships
559. Earthship Academy Sessions
560. Permaculture Design Courses
561. Indigenous Land Management Courses
562. Regenerative Agriculture Internships
563. Holistic Management Courses
564. Keyline Design Courses
565. Organic Horticulture

Do you want to be happy?

Then remember this; if you care about what the world cares about, you more than likely will not be happy. It stacks needless burden and incredibly high expectations on our shoulders. So many people are chasing perfect relationships, and they will waste their entire lives doing such because they have been told to do such. Go against the grain. Your happiness is all that matters. Don’t let someone dictate how you should be inside of your relationships. Don’t be fake, because you will attract someone that has expectations of you that you can’t actually fulfill. Be authentically you and you will attract someone that compliments you in every way.

I hope that you find a meaningful relationship out in the real world. In the mean time, please stop by GuyCry and enjoy fantastic online camaraderie. We are moving towards a brighter future and the more people we have with us, the more experiences we have in our pool. When there are many experiences, there is guaranteed to be someone that can relate to whatever you are going through. Please help us build a better future right now. It can’t wait.

Much love.




Joe Truax

I lead an anti-misogynistic loving and kind 38,000 member men's mental health movement. My about section here says sooooo much about my mindset.