How Construction Lawyers Perform Their Duties?


Construction lawyer is the one that resolves building contract disputes. He deals such court cases on your behalf if there is any building, engineering or construction deficiency in the project. Given are some of the duties of such lawyers.

Duties of construction lawyers:

Representative of client:

These lawyers represent their clients in the court. They are also responsible for making requests for ‘production of documents’ and drafting interrogatories. It includes contract, inspection reports and blue prints. When they review all documents, then they present them in court.

They are responsible for handling wrongful claims:

The construction Dubai lawyers provide support for their client in cases like wrong death claims in construction and worker’s compensation claim. In case of accessing liability, the lawyers work on the behalf of insurance companies.

They negotiate disputes:

The construction lawyers also act as a negotiator between contractors and subcontractors. They deal different issues like contract disagreements, deadline of project and working conditions. The lawyer can ask owners, subcontractors and contractors to resolve the issue.

They protect the payment:

They ensures that the contractor receives full payment. He also has the authority to take any civil action for recovering any claims and unpaid sum. He also works on behalf of those having claim for payment made against them.

They assist with construction proposals:

They perform many duties like bidding requests and assist with construction proposals. They are also have the authority to challenge not awarded proposals. They also make IFB invitation for bidding.


The construction Dubai lawyers perform all the legal activities. They work until the contractor receives all payment. In case of any wrongful claims, they act as legal representative on your behalf.