Expert Parenting Tips: Get Your Kid Ready To Join Preschool

Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do. — Matt Walsh

Starting preschool is a big step for a child; first, you need to find the right preschool for the child. Second, you have to prepare your kid as well as yourself to get on board this journey.

Don’t worry, to make this experience smooth, here are a few tips we have collected by contacting a few teachers from preschool in San Antonio .

Follow a set schedule

Adjust yours as well as kids’ schedule (at least two weeks before) so that your child can go to bed and wake up in the morning at the right time s/he will need to go during school time. A preschool can be much demanding that you had thought for your child. S/he will need to be more structured and follow a strict routine each day. Also start practicing all the rituals following the clock, like getting child’s clothes ready for the next day, preparing breakfast on time, make early preparation of the kitchen work a day before and similar activities. Once you and your kid get ready, it will be much easier for you to follow the routine.

Befriend with the books

Your child should be friendly with the books before s/he joins the school. Even teachers also love it. Therefore, start reading to your little one every day and make him/her friendly with the world of books. If the child is too small, at least help them develop a habit of holding the book and turning off the pages. It will make the kid comfortable with the preschool environment.

Teach self-care skills

Your child should be pretty good in handling his/her new space. So teach him/her some self-care skills like bringing a dish from table to sink, put the shoes away, wash hands thoroughly, and find out the clothes in the wardrobe. All these things build confidence in the child, and they become strong enough to cope up with the preschool environment.

Apart from all these tips, be prepared for the separation anxiety for a few initial days after joining a school. You may also expect a few tears, but stay positive and don’t let the child feel that you are leaving her/him. To cope up such situations, you may also pack some lovey your child loves to play with, like his/her favorite toy, or picture book or anything they love to be with.