Get Legal Marriage Certificate From Court In Same Day

Marriage as per Indian tradition is the most sacred activity. Marriage in India is not only meeting of two people, but is a joining of two families, two souls, and it is considered as a bonding of Seven Births. Everybody wants to celebrate this occasion with all the pomp and show, but it is not possible for everybody due to various reasons, may be couple have to move abroad the next day and don’t have a time for a full-fledged one month-long wedding. Sometimes it happens that couples want to get married as soon as possible, and get the marriage registered the very same day. But due to the long legal procedure, it is not always possible to marry and get it registered the same day, and this creates a big disappointment for couple and their family.

For a legal court marriage, it is necessary for the couple to give notice prior one month and then starts the lengthy procedure of marriage, which is again very tiresome and irritating, as all the other urgent works remains pending and even if the court accomplishes a case of marriage, then getting the marriage registered is again a hill-task. The whole procedure is actually very nerve-wrecking.

Taking it into consideration, even Lawyers practicing in Indian Court has started providing full aid and assistance in completion of this sacred activity. These lawyers are experienced and have expertise in handling such cases, and providing with every legal help, to get the couple married. This procedure is done with complete safety and full co-operation.

How does it work?

Court Marriage procedure in Delhi, have a team of experience lawyers and have expertise in handing every type of court marriage and its registration without any hassle. The teams of lawyers are fully dedicated and sincere regarding the job, and complete all the formalities very carefully. The couples get in touch with these lawyers, and ask all the queries they have in their mind, as it is a legal matter, and taking every caution is a must. These lawyers satisfy each and every query, and with the agreement of couple, take the responsibility of the marriage. These lawyers give all the assistance and help the couple to get married, leaving the couple in mental peace to accomplish other important jobs.

These lawyers take full responsibility of every work, from getting the marriage form filled with every caution to getting the marriage fully done. These lawyers are not only experts in Hindu Marriage Act, but also are well-versed in other types of marriage Acts, like Arya Samaj Marriage Act, Special Marriage Act, Nikah (Muslim Marriage Act) and NRI Marriage Act. Court marriage registration in Delhi, have lawyers who are also expert in getting the marriage registered in same day of marriage. Whether a couple gets married according to Hindu Marriage Act, Arya Samaj Marriage, Nikah, Special Marriage or an NRI Marriage, he get married easily without giving notice prior one month, and on the same day the couple can get their marriage registered too.