Tips to Keep your Money Safe on Vacation

By Stacy Whelchel

If you’re headed out of town on a vacation, or even if you’ve opted for a “staycation” closer to home, summer is a hot time for crimes targeting those wanting to take a break from the normal routine.

Bankrate has a detailed list of tips for keeping cash in your pocket and not in the hands of criminals when you’re on vacation. Here are a few of the suggestions:

1) Lighten up your wallet and purse and only carry credit cards that will be used on your trip (also keep your LegalShield membership card with you!)

2) Use credit cards for major purchases since many offer protection for unauthorized purchases

3) Bogus ATMs are a real threat so choose machines near banks, in airports or hotels

4) Watch out for your possessions while in crowded situations and tourist hotspots

If you are a crime victim while on vacation or if you have any legal questions when away from home, your provider attorney is a source you can count on no matter where you are on the highway of life.

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